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Song For The Underdog

Annette Lee

Release Date:2020-01-24
Label:Where Are The Fruits

In a time where social media constantly reminds us of our inadequacies, it’s easy for most of us to feel like the odds are stacked against us. ‘Song For The Underdog’ is Annette Lee’s anthem for the average kid who was never cool or smart enough. Accompanied by a 3-part webseries, the music tells the story of a fledgling artist trying to start a music career in Singapore, a city known for many economic wonders - but not music. In many ways, the single mirrors Annette’s own musical journey. Powerful and uplifting, the pop single draws us in with an urgency to keep pushing on in whatever we do. ‘Song For The Underdog’ is the first single of Annette Lee’s upcoming 4-track EP slated for release in April 2020. Annette Lee: “Growing up, we often feel like underdogs - weak, fumbling, and seemingly overwhelmed by the odds. Inspired by many real-life ‘tortoise and hare’ stories, I wrote this song as an encouraging anthem to myself - and for anyone out there who needs to know that there is always hope if we believe.”



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