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Soong - "Cool Breeze"


Release Date:2020-12-17

'Cool Breeze', in essence, seems to be a heartfelt reflection, whereby the persona ultimately comes to the realisation that whilst under a beautiful night sky; worries and troubles fade away as he marvels at the wonders of the world around him. This song speaks to Soong's appreciation for the beauty and glory of God's creation, and how it is here for all of us to experience and indulge in it — if we slow down, and take the time to enjoy the cool breeze. This contemporary R&B song boasts soulful R&B rhythms coupled with elements of pop music, which is what drew me in and got me hooked on this song. The melody and arrangement evokes feelings of poignant bliss and gratitude, strengthened by Soong's solid vocals and lyrics that are both relatable and catchy. I am positive that such a song is much needed in times like these, where we could all use a timely reminder that while all seems to be falling apart, there are many little things in life to be appreciative for, and if we focus on those, it might just be enough to drown out the negative thoughts. All in all, 'Cool Breeze' is an amazing song, produced and performed by an amazingly talented individual; I look forward to enjoying more of his works!



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