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Sounds Like A Buzz

Marc Nair

Release Date:2022-05-06
Label:Maker Records

Spanning a range of musical genres, Sounds Like A Buzz runs a gamut of themes, from personal expressions of the self in the city to poems that look at everyday life with a touch of whimsy and nostalgia. Wider issues like climate change and war are also explored. A suite of talented collaborators help to bring the album to life, from fellow spoken word artists like Deborah Emmanuel to musicians and bands like Daniel Tan, Dawn Fung, Lydia Tan and .gif. The album is mastered by James Lye of Maker Records. Sounds Like A Buzz is accompanied by an exclusive chapbook (available only through that contains the poems on the album as well as photographs from Marc’s travels. A short essay on the place and value of spoken word, which functions like a digestif for the poems, is included as well.



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