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South Port

Release Date:2022-11-17
Label:Self Record

For nearly a decade, Momo and Rizduan have rocked the stage, with youthful enthusiasm basked in punk culture that gave them a sui generis reputation as members of Circle Line Kid. Effectively known as South Port, the duo now embarks on a sonic voyage that is filled with connected harmonies to gratify its fellow passengers. The progressive indie pop outfit promises a genre and time bending experience, combining the energy of modern day beats with the vintage essence of the oldies that embodies one key message: Musical expression is a journey to enjoy. As with every journey, our life views and taste evolve and as such that is the identity of the band. Not content with wrapping their music in a single genre, listening to South Port is a journey in itself with each song taking on a different identity and musical style. Influenced by whatever interests them the most, South Port is an experiment for the duo to express and engulf themselves in the music they love. The debut EP (STATELESS) featuring Sue’s Side and Memories to Forget is the culmination of the musical flexibility of Momo combined with the lyrical prowess of Rizduan to share their experiences regarding relationships and that every relationship is a vice. A relationship can be something that you feel you don’t have enough of in your life and when one chases for more of it, it can become malignant and noxious to the individual.



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