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The Cave

Firefly Search Party

Release Date:2020-05-29



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Jared Ho

Firefly Search Party never disappoints with their soulful music, and with the current Circuit Breaker, 'The Cave" resonates with its listeners more than ever. Echoes of trying to reconcile with the claustrophobia brought by feeling trapped in an unchanging environment - the house, reverberate within the chorus of "The Cave". Even with what has been said, the song reminds its listeners that the mind is still free to "drift" endlessly and does not have to be encumbered by the physical realm. The Cave potentially alludes to its underlying platonic relations (that of the allegory of the cave) in which the world we live in is not all that actually is. Our minds may drift to a state of existence beyond the physical not solely as a coping mechanism but as an opportunity to appreciate the transient, which really is what music should be about - the liminal transience of existence. Whether the listener is listening to The Cave in a campfire circle or cooking a well-planned dinner for the entire family, the song adapts and soaks in whichever environment to suit the vibes and allow its listener to pause for a moment and appreciate how even empty spaces can be filled by heart.