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The First Demo

Niah, Azhar Punkrocker, Kirin, Fir Apek, Sean Halili

Release Date:2021-09-09

Guys! (and ladies) We just got our first demo out! So the story is, we've written a few songs in the past couple of months and we realize that although we've been trying to get new followers and what not on IG and whatever, nobody's actually heard our stuff. So we scrounged up whatever cash we had, went to Tonehouse one almost-midnight, and recorded this. It's a scrappy recording of sorts, we know, but the point here is just to share our music, our lyrics, our tunes. We want people to listen to our songwriting and style. We want people to dance. And, whether this demo is well produced or not doesn't matter at the moment, at least we know, we got our music out there. Hopefully we get to record something proper soon. We play ska basically, mixed with a little pop and reggae. It's easy to listen, has nice melodies, a catchy beat and powerhouse vocals (although not at it's best in this recording.. just being honest) But yeah. We like it, and we're excited to share it. So we hope you like it too, and share it too! Thank you for your time!



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