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Release Date:2023-03-13

TULPA:REDUX was born out of a love of collaboration through the internet, through different countries. having started my music career collaborating with people overseas, i felt like i actually belonged somewhere on the internet as a child while having tumultuous, traumatic experiences in the real world. threatened by adults, thrown around by friends, emotional manipulation by peers and family while suffering the after effects of my parents’ divorce (and more) all made me into an antisocial mess, but to that my creativity, and interest in myself bloomed, and brought me where i am today. as i grew up, being accepted by others who felt a similar way through the internet and in real life where i became braver to stand up again, has made me feel a restoration of faith in people. TULPA:REDUX explores connection towards others you’ve never actually met before, the human feelings of realising someone else far away from you gets you personally and creatively, the longing to see such faces, (a similar comparison to exchanging gifts to/from a pen pal) and a gratefulness for the internet to exist for these reasons, even with the chaos it brings. the warmness, the exploration of different topics altogether, of impatience, anger, confusion, empowerment, admiration.. we forget that the person we’re talking to behind our screen really exists. this is evidence that they really do. this is my thank you and my love, to anyone i’ve established friendships, relationships on the web, and all of my collaborators, who i’ve never met(!). i celebrate you.



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