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white lights

Cravism, Emmeline

Release Date:2020-08-21



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Saleha Jubir

One of my fav songs to play at night with the fairy lights on and a cold drink in hand. Smooth and easy on the ears to wind down after a long day at work. Always a huge fan of Em's vocals and Cravism's lofi signature tracks

Noor Syafiq

White Lights by Cravism is everything and more a modern-day Hip-Hop lover could ask for from a local producer. It’s gritty, it’s organic and it’s a fitting ode to the ‘90s J-Dilla-type of beat. The production level is top-notch, yet not too much, giving it that raw, bedroom feel. Cravism teases listeners just enough with the dribbling piano line within the heavy bass-and-clap structure. Faint traces of RnB guitar licks lie coyly in the background, and a slick jazz horn solo provide for the perfect finishing touch to this midnight track. It’s the ideal beat to kick off your shoes and recline to after a long day at work. Think D’Angelo, The Roots in the ‘90s era, and Madlib—when it comes to Neo-Soul Hip-Hop, Cravism is definitely representing hard on the Singaporean front.