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Who Knew


Release Date:2020-06-05

Torrivicks is a upcoming Singer- Songwriter based in Singapore. Debuting her single "Who Knew", was released on 5 June 2020, as a step into her music journey.



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Xin Quee

The soulful voice singing the words of every broken hearts' feelings really takes my breath away. I couldn't help tearing up when I listen to 'Who Knew', the sadness and accuracy of heart break being made alive really pulls at one's heart strings. Torrivicks really talked about how fast one falls for another, and how vulnerable we are when it comes to love. But to have them hurt us, the pain is too much for anyone to bear. "We can't turn back now." The investment of our emotions is too real, and giving our trust to someone, hoping they would never hurt us and not expecting someone sweet like honey to break our heart into a million pieces. I cannot wait for more relatable songs with such purity and profoundness from Torrivicks. She's the new Taylor Swift.

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Aloisuz Chan

A slow and emotional piece by Torrivicks, an upcoming singer-songwriter, leaving you with longing feelings and can't help but feel the heartbreak that the song expresses. It has been few days since the release of the song and ever since I listened to it, it got stuck in my head. This song is one of the few songs that I can listen to it on repeat and I still don't get sick of it!

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From following her weekly song covers to her first single release, this is undoubtedly a huge milestone for Torrivicks. I could tell “Who Knew” is a song based on the artist’s own experience yet it is not the usual love song you've heard before. You get to emphatise with what the artist has experienced and what she was trying to bring out through the beautiful lyrics. Apart from the very fitting rhythm and melody, there is no doubt that Torrivicks has a vocal talent in which her unique and powerful voice definitely does justice to this beautiful song. She sings with depth and feelings, while at the same time building up your emotions gradually throughout the entire song. The transition in the melody nearing the end gives another huge tug on your emotions and leaves you wanting more of it. Overall a very impressive single and I’m looking forward to her next release very much.

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Nice use of vocal effects and a very good tone to the voice. Overall a very interesting piece. The reverb really brings out the quality of the instrumentation and gives the song a very ethereal vibe. Definitely will give a follow.