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Wake Up Pls


Release Date:2020-05-29

"The songs on this EP revolve around the plights of early adulthood, when a lot of us are still trying to figure out where we fit in. At the same time knowing that we will have to 'wake up' and get ready to face the world as an adult."



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so glad that i came across this ep!! love their fusion of math-rock & indie~ real solid vocals and the instrumentals are mad dope; definitely looking forward to more drops from them :)

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Samuel Venditti

A sophomore EP that’s a step above Zoodreams, Wake Up Pls solidifies Woes’ sound as a band. Names such as Chon, Elephant Gym and Delta Sleep come to mind while listening to Wake Up Pls and it’s obvious the band pays homage to a wide variety of Mathrock/ Indierock. However, the EP still has its own voice. Equal parts catchy hooks and intricate lines, the result is a very enjoyable listening experience. Overall, the EP sounds more organic and like it was written as a collective, as compared to to their previous work. My personal favorite is Monkey Tennis.

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Aaron Devoy

amazing voice from raizel emotional af groovy i love it i want more this band screams UWU more than anything

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One of the best I’ve heard from a local band. Love you Woes please release more songs :)

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Moe Thet Nyein

The guitar tapping is just lovely adding in the delicate almost angelic vocals really brings the entire EP together. You can feel the energy and positivity that emanated, the love and care everyone felt when they made this. Definitely a good EP to come out during this time of crisis.