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Zero To Me

Amanda Ong

Release Date:2020-04-10

A song about wanting to be at your very best while feeling your absolute worst



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Amanda's voice has this gentle, soothing tone that hits the spot perfectly on this track when paired with the various layers of instruments. It takes you through a journey and builds up to a climactic bridge that's just so relatable to anyone, young or old.

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Zero to Me carries with it a slow charm that allows Amanda's calming vocals to stand out against the haunting strings in the backdrop. The heart-on-sleeve approach to the lyrics and carefully stripped arrangement captures a raw sentiment that is both endearing and comforting for any listeners who are seeking light in their daily. Coming off 2 successful singles, Amanda is consistently delivering songs that do not tire with repeated listens. In a time of uncertainty and isolation, Zero to Me provides a brief respite in the form of a self-coaxing ballad.

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I find the lyrics for Zero To Me despairing yet hopeful, with a melody that's heartbreaking yet comforting. Amanda's voice itself is pure angelic bliss. So, mix that with these heartfelt lyrics, and you find yourself completely consumed by the song.