Millions have streamed these artists' music videos – are you one of them?

Millions have streamed these artists' music videos – are you one of them?

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform on the internet, and its star-making power is unparalleled – it's how artists like Justin Bieber and Adele got discovered, and how superstars like Psy and BTS went viral. 

And Singaporeans love YouTube – even with the emergence of new streaming services, 60% of Singaporeans get their music via the video platform, according to the National Music Consumption Survey 2017.

Given how many music consumers here in Singapore favour YouTube, we had to take a look at Singaporean artists whose videos have hit the million mark on YouTube. In no particular order, here are eight of them:

JJ Lin

Video: 'Twilight' Official MV 
Number of views: 132,859,658 views

With his huge following overseas, it's no surprise JJ Lin is on the list. In fact, we could probably substitute this with any music video of his, since they're all well beyond the million-hit mark now. With over 132 million views, 'Twilight' has the edge over even Jay Chou's official music video for '告白氣球 Love Confession'.

Watch the music video for 'Twilight' below:

Taufik Batisah

Video: '#AwakKatMane' MV
Number of views: 7,207,547 views

'#AwakKatMane', which was released three years ago, has racked up over 7 million views, proving that Taufik's built a sizeable following and great career more than a decade from his iconic win on the very first season of Singapore Idol.

Watch the music video for '#AwakKatMane' below:

The Sam Willows

Video: 'Take Heart' MV 
Number of views: 1,636,211 views

The Sam Willows' music video for 'Take Heart' hit one million views in May 2016, just slightly over 10 months after its release. This is the band's first video on their VEVO YouTube channel, as well the first to surpass over a million views.

Watch the music video for 'Take Heart' below:

Aisyah Aziz 

Video: 'Pilihan Sejati' (Official MV)
Number of views: 1,540,585 views

The official music video for Aisyah Aziz's 'Pilihan Sejati' uploaded on Astro Gempak's YouTube channel has garnered over 1.5 million views since its release in 2015, while her official lyric video for 'Tanda Tanya', released in 2016, is at 967,650 views.

Watch the music video for 'Pilihan Sejati' below:


Video: 'Afterdark' MV
Number of views: 7,615,109 views 

It's also interesting to note that MYRNE's song with Aviella 'Afterdark' was posted on highly popular YouTube channel Trap Nation, and has garnered 7.6 million views thus far, despite it being uploaded relatively recently in April 2017.

Watch the music video for 'Afterdark' below:

Kit Chan

Video: '喜歡你 (Like You)'
Number of views: 1,399,862 views

No, it's not Kit Chan's iconic National Day song that everyone knows the words to (although that has gotten over a million views as well). Although the music video for '喜歡你 (Like You)' was reuploaded on YouTube in 2013, the original song was originally released in 1997 — the fact that the video managed to cross the million-hit mark showing just how well-loved the track (and of course, Kit Chan) was, and still is.

Watch the music video for '喜歡你 (Like You)' below:

Boon Hui Lu 文慧如

Video: 漂向北方 (Stranger In The North)
Number of views: 42,349,804 views

Despite not having many original songs, Boon Hui Lu (Wen Hui Ru in Chinese) has already racked up over millions of views on YouTube with her covers of popular songs, especially Mandarin songs.

Her rendition of Wang Leehom and Namewee's '漂向北方 (Stranger In The North)' has earned her the most views thus far, though other notable covers have easily gotten her at least a million views – her mashup of Coldplay's 'Something Just Like This' and Li Yugang's '刚好遇见你 (Just Met You)' is currently sitting at 6.7 million views.

She's also got more than 516,000 subscribers on the platform, beating out the numbers of local influencers like Dee Kosh and TreePotatoes.

Watch her cover of Wang Leehom and Namewee's '漂向北方 (Stranger In The North)' below:

Ah Boys To Men Cast

Video: 'Recruit's Anthem' - Ah Boys to Men Official Theme Song
Number of views: 3,035,671 views

Bet you weren't expecting to see this here. The Ah Boys to Men movie franchise has been a massive hit with the entire country, so it's no surprise the soundtrack for the franchise was widely loved (and also widely viewed). In fact, the soundtrack of the first three movies have all crossed not just one, but two million views.

Watch the music video for 'Recruits' Anthem' (from the original Ah Boys To Men movie) below: