What Brian Richmond is listening to right now, from Deep Purple to The Thunderbirds

What Brian Richmond is listening to right now, from Deep Purple to The Thunderbirds

Brian Richmond's familiar honeyed voice has graced the ears of the Singaporean masses since 1971. This veteran radio presenter currently hosts The Vintage Showcase on GOLD 90.5FM every Sunday morning. Throughout his illustrious career, he has covered various major events such as the Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games and the Olympic Games.  

Over the years, he’s accumulated various accolades under his belt, such as the Mediacorp “Lifetime Achievement” award in 2006. He has also been voted by listeners to be the “Most Popular DJ” and the “Friendliest DJ”. 

Below, he takes us down memory lane with some of his favourite tunes, by icons such as Louis Armstrong and Deep Purple to modern hit-makers such as Ed Sheeran.

What's one album you still listen to from start to finish and why?

That album will have to be Machine Head by Deep Purple, released in 1972. The album features some exciting tracks, particularly, a song called 'Smoke on the Water'. The guitar riffs and pulsating beats that will mesmerise you.

How important is it to you to have music playing as you go about your day (outside of work)?

I thrive on music. It gives me pleasure and purpose as I go about my day. My world will be empty without music.

What's one song that's never gotten old for you? Please explain.

Billy Paul's 'Me and Mrs. Jones'. Michael Bublé has given a refreshing treatment of that song on his album Call Me Irresponsible.

What's one local song you really love? Please explain.

'Unspoken Words' by Teresa Khoo. Ms Khoo, who plays and sings, has truly captured the true meaning of love in her composition. It resonates with people in love.

Who's one artist from whom you always look out for new music? Please explain.

It'll have to be Tony Bennett. I'm always a champion for an artist who can stay at the top of his game in a classy manner and yet keeps redefining his genre.

What's one song you've listened to recently that the world should know about? Please explain

I'm actually quite a big fan of Ed Sheeran's No.6 Collaborations Project album. Obviously, the world already knows about him but that's been something I've enjoyed listening to.