Get to know the mentors helming Noise Music Mentorship 2018

Get to know the mentors helming Noise Music Mentorship 2018

11th time's the charm. The Noise Music Mentorship has returned for its 11th edition. The initiative, which aims to nurture and develop aspiring musicians aged 35 and under, has come a long way in enriching the canon of Made in Singapore music.

Recently, the programme revealed the lineup of mentors and experts that will be providing invaluable counsel and insight to this year's crop of musicians. Joining returning mentors, Sara Wee, Inch Chua, Saiful Idris, all of whom are pivotal forces in their respective scenes, are new mentors: Esplanade Programming Officer and Indian classical percussionist Akilesh, Mandopop icon Tay Kewei, funk-soul bassist extraordinaire Tim De Cotta, local hip-hop icon KoFlow and Weish, frontwoman of two boundary-crushing bands, .gif and sub:shaman.

In addition to mentors, a handpicked group of experts from across various fields in the music industry will play an advisory role in areas such as press and publicity, artist management and production. Respectively, they are as follows: Straits Times Music Correspondent and musician Eddino Abdul Hadi, Kevin Foo, co-founder of indie record label Umami Records and Leonard Soosay, legendary music producer who has helmed the boards of output by some of the country's most esteemed bands.

With these artists and thought leaders spearheading this year's edition, you can also look forward to a spectrum-blasting array of panels and workshops that will illuminate the intricacies of the music industry in Singapore and beyond.

For a musical taste of what's to come, listen to a curated playlist of songs from the mentors below.


All applicants are required to submit up to 5 pieces of original music and include links to their website and social media pages. They will also need to share a brief statement about themselves, what they wish to learn from the programme, and describe a creative project they wish to realise. The open call for submissions ends on November 18. Click here for more information.