Goose releases new track, teases second EP

Goose releases new track, teases second EP

Alternative Mandarin singer-songwriter Goose released a new track today, titled ‘It’s OK To Burn (Reinterpreted)’. Goose’s latest is an acoustic remake of ‘It’s OK To Burn’, a song from his 2018 debut EP, If I Left The Park?…, which explored themes of juxtaposition and the intimacies of everyday life and relationships. 

'It’s OK To Burn’ tells the story of a wistful lover who realizes that his relationship is falling apart yet still wants to see things through to the bitter end, as long as his partner carries on with him in the metaphorical ‘slow dance’. 

Goose was inspired to produce a remake of the song after listeners reached out to the him with stories of their own reactions to the original, including the feeling of poignant longing, heartbreak and appreciation of the song’s plaintive bitter-sweetness. Goose’s audience resonated so much with the story told in ‘It’s OK To Burn’ that he decided to produce a reinterpretation of the song, expanding even further on the song’s emotional themes, amplifying the sense of yearning that people felt after listening to the song.

In ‘It’s OK To Burn (Reinterpreted)’, Goose did away with fancy effects, instead choosing to feature only a full bodied cello section performed by fellow local musician Vick Low, and an antique piano sample played by the track’s co-producer, Prue Chew.

Audiences can look forward to the accompanying music video for ‘It’s OK To Burn (Reinterpreted)’, slated for release on 8th February. Goose also announced his plans for 2019, including the launch of a second EP by the second quarter of the year. 

Stream the track below.