Get in the mood for Hari Raya with these 9 handpicked songs

Get in the mood for Hari Raya with these 9 handpicked songs

Hari Raya Aidilfitri marks the end of the holy month of fasting, Ramadhan, for our fellow Muslim friends. Cue kids playing with sparklers, endless carbonated drinks and delicious dishes like ketupat and rendang! 

To celebrate Hari Raya, we picked nine great songs to get you in your best Hari Raya mood. The songs are classified into three categories: The Classics, or songs you already know and love, The Alternative, or songs from bands you might not expect Raya songs, and The Underrated, songs you probably know but should give more love to. And the best part? All these songs are from home-grown artists. Let's go! 


Rahimah Rahim – 'Selamat Berhari Raya'

Not an unfamiliar face and name in Singapore's music scene, you've probably heard of Rahimah Rahim one way or another. She's been in several TV programmes broadcast across Suria and Channel 5. However, before she began acting, Rahimah Rahim started off singing. This Hari Raya song from her is a classic – enough to get you singing along before you know it.

M. Nasir – 'Satu Hari Di Hari Raya'

This classic number by Malaysia-based Singaporean artist M. Nasir is another Raya song that's bound to start some singalongs. With its catchy tunes and easy lyrics, this is one of those songs you'll never get tired of on Hari Raya.

Dikir Temasek – 'Di Pinggiran Aidilfitri'

If you haven't heard of Dikir Barat, let this song be your introduction. Dikir Barat is a traditional Malay choral singing form originating from Thailand and Malaysia, and Dikir Temasek was one of the pioneer groups of Dikir Barat in Singapore. 'Di Pinggiran Aidilfitri' will bring you close to tears with the soothing voice of the Tok Juara (or leader) accompanied by melodious singing and the song's humbling lyrics.


The Pinholes – 'Besok Oh Yeah'

The Pinholes are known for their funky style – from the old-school hairstyles to their outfits, they definitely give the best retro vibes. And surprise, surprise, they have a Hari Raya song under their belt as well. 'Besok Oh Yeah', which was written for Suria's Hari Raya telemovie NoRaya!, is an unquestionably groovy number that will get you singing along in no time. 

Rancour – 'Oi! Raya Oi!'

Rancour has been around since 1994. Some of our Malay readers may remember them as the 2008 champions of Suria's reality band competition Anugerah Band. This vibrant song is perfect for Raya: from the last-minute shopping at Geylang Bazaar, to ironing your clothes on the morning of Raya, this song will get you pumped for a full day of festivities.

Force Vomit – 'Selera Raya'

Did you know Singapore's very own beloved Force Vomit has released a Hari Raya song? The band recorded this number in 2002 and it is certainly a treasured gem. The lyrics are as simple as can get, but how often can we say we know a surf punk Hari Raya song? Not often at all. 


Seri Hari Raya - Sweet Charity

Formed in 1967, Sweet Charity has been called Singapore's Deep Purple and Santana. The band was a part of the new wave of 70s and 80s rock music in Malaysia and Singapore, along with other bands like Search and Lefthanded. 'Seri Hari Raya' has catchy riffs and even catchier "ooh ooh" refrains that will get you humming along in no time. This song deserves a lot more love!

Taufik Batisah and Hady Mirza – 'Kenangan Di Hari Raya'

Taufik Batisah and Hady Mirza - who could forget this powerful duo? The first two winners of Singapore Idol collaborated a few years back on a Hari Raya track, which they actually performed at Simfoni Lebaran 2011, a Hari Raya concert that was showed on both Suria and Malaysia's RTM 1. The boys had all the makciks swooning with their charms. This song once dominated the airwaves, and now you can click 'play' to find out why. 

Imran Ajmain – 'Aidilfitri'

R&B and Soul singer Imran Ajmain released a Hari Raya cover album last year and it is extremely underrated. After his initial hit songs 'Seribu Tahun' and 'Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang', Imran moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His take on 'Aidilfitri' by Sanisah Huri is different but it doesn't stray too far away from the original, leaving plenty of room for him to create his own signature in the song.