Hear65’s music video guide (April 2023) — ft. ABANGSAPAU, Midnight Blu, JJ Lin, and more

Hear65’s music video guide (April 2023) — ft. ABANGSAPAU, Midnight Blu, JJ Lin, and more

When it comes to music, music videos are important supplements to what we can hear as they stimulate our visual senses in a way that sound cannot.

From creative homemade projects to cinematic works that beg to be seen on a big screen, all forms of music videos are released by Singapore's talented musicians seeking to extend the stories told in their songs every month. In this monthly series, we will be rounding up the latest releases from our sunny island that might fly under the radar. 

Check out Hear65's guide to local music videos for April and contact us at hello@hear65.com to submit your music videos!

Midnight Blu - Paradise

Released: 24 April 2023

Singapore’s up-and-coming duo Midnight Blu — is made up of Aisha Ayesha and Dan Rafaael. Filmed in multiple parts of Singapore, the music video for ‘Paradise’ tells a story of what being in love feels like and how once you’ve met the one for you, everywhere and everything starts feeling like paradise despite the ups and downs that any relationship carries. Most importantly, it teaches us that love is many things, but certainly not a prison.

JJ Lin - 孤獨娛樂 Happily, Painfully, After

Released: 20 April 2023

With this painfully heartbreaking music video, it is almost hard not to shed a tear. This 8-minute long movie-esque music video tells a story of regret, loss, death and resignation. Accompanied with its lyrics, the video shows a man who seems to be in recollection of a lover that was once in his life. As much as he is trying to reconcile what they once had, it seems like everything around him — and the girl — has already moved on. We’d say to grab your tissues because you’re in for an emotional ride.


Released: 14 April 2023

Just in time for the season, ABANGSAPAU drops a new song titled ‘Cahaya’, which translates to ‘Light’ in Malay. The video starts off by the singer waking up alone in a giant mansion, looking back at how different the joyous celebration is now compared to how it used to be when he was younger. Despite that, he still has hope that Hari Raya will somehow still be okay and that he’s not going through it alone. This is where ‘Cahaya’ comes into play — that he sees a dawn of hope for a new kind of feeling this time. 

JJ Lin - 願與愁 Dust and Ashes

Released: 14 April 2023 

JJ Lin contemplates the relationship between the cosmos, time, destiny, and love in this thought-provoking accompanying video for 願與愁 Dust and Ashes’ — a reminder to viewers that when things seem bleak, there will always be an eventual calm after a storm.

David Yong ft. Moonbyul - 아마도 우린 Maybe Love

Released: 12 April 2023

Spring has arrived and with it comes a lighthearted music video about blossoming love and first dates from homegrown entrepreneur and artist David Yong and South Korean girl group MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul for their first-ever collaborative track 아마도 우린 Maybe Love’

JJ Lin - 謝幕 Hero

Released: 5 April 2023

“Only a broken heart knows the pain of a separation.” Homegrown singer-songwriter JJ Lin pens down pensive thoughts from the heart and visually expresses them in this moving music video that showcases the memories of one’s heroes in every shape and form. Here’s to the ones who have left us but will forever be in our hearts.

Faraday ft. Fruz, Vikkash - WHEEL OF TIME

Released: 3 April 2023

Faraday is back with another heart-felt banger. The band takes the stage at Singapore’s very own Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, the live performance cum music video shows the band at their All Things New set earlier this year. Paired with the joys of preparing for the show backstage, the music video also shows how the song exactly feels by the way their lyrics manifest on stage.