Hear65’s music video guide (June 2023) — ft. Alfred Sun, Preetipls, Josh Makazo, and more

Hear65’s music video guide (June 2023) — ft. Alfred Sun, Preetipls, Josh Makazo, and more

When it comes to music, music videos are important supplements to what we can hear as they stimulate our visual senses in a way that sound cannot.

From creative homemade projects to cinematic works that beg to be seen on a big screen, all forms of music videos are released by Singapore's talented musicians seeking to extend the stories told in their songs every month. In this monthly series, we will be rounding up the latest releases from our sunny island that might fly under the radar. 

Check out Hear65's guide to local music videos for June and contact us at hello@hear65.com to submit your music videos!

The TENG Ensemble - The New Legendary Swordsman 

Released: 30 June 2023

This epic interpretation of an iconic theme song for 1984's The Smiling, Proud Wanderer bends genres as it incorporates both Eastern and Western influences not just in music but in visual prowess too. The grandiose passion with which the ensemble plays will leave you feeling in awe while also allowing for appreciation of the cultural elements showcased. Now, we really want to see someone shred on the pipa. 

RENE - Rule The World 

Released: 29 June 2023

Lasers, holograms, high-octane bike scenes, representation, impeccable outfits, jewels, guns, explosions, all-out fighting sequences, a forbidden love story, and a microphone attached to a WHIP? 'Rule The World' has it all! Anne Hathaway who? Zoe Kravitz? Never heard of her. There's a new cat burglar in town and her name is RENE

Preetipls - ALLY 

Released: 26 June 2023

Preetipls, the self-declared Singapore's "Top Everything", has a new motto — "Always Listen Less Yapping". 'ALLY' sees Preetipls take to the stage at Pink Dot for her debut with her trademark wit and humour, all the while imparting an important reminder for us all. 

Sezairi - Memory 

Released: 23 June 2023

Treat your eyes to some sweet sights from Sezairi's sunset-soaked visuals for 'Memory'. Who doesn't love the warm glow of golden hour?

Soph T. - for all this savin' 

Released: 23 June 2023

Being stuck in a toxic relationship sometimes feel like it's a self-inflicted cycle of that is hard to break out of. Getting out the first time is commendable but the key is to escape the cycle completely. "There must be a place in this world without you yet my passport is filled with traces of us", sings Soph T. in 'for all this savin'', before she is tied down (figuratively and literally) all over again. 

Music & Drama Company - Lights, Camera, Action 

Released: 23 June 2023

In celebration of its inception half a century ago, the Music & Drama Company, a group of dancers, singers and musicians formed for the purposes of entertaining our soldiers, has released 'Lights, Camera, Action' to celebrate all things MDC. From a makeshift stage formed by "three tonners among the trees" to a whole roster full of entertainers, including alumni JJ Lin and Nathan Hartono in the past, and current members Dominic Chan and Rae Saleha, the video shows how far they have come.

Ki Zikry - Pull Thru 

Released: 22 June 2023

Enjoy Ki Zikry's latest single with accompanying visuals as he fools around with Instagram filters and vibes with friends in the studio and at the arcade. Plus, catch an exclusive cameo of the rapper's kendama skills. 

Josh Makazo - Come My Way 

Released: 16 June 2023

Nightlife introspection has got Josh Makazo singing and craving for that special someone despite all the evening entertainment. With an infectious chorus, Makazo's breathy vocals build up and peak alongside some dramatic visuals in 'Come My Way'.


Released: 16 June 2023

You can never show enough love to the woman who raised you. In an homage to his 'Mama,' and to all mothers out there, ABANGSAPAU sings soulfully and unapologetically "Kalau adik mahu (if I wanted to), I'd write another two" in this video that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. If you could and haven't already expressed your love for your mother, now's a good time. 

JJ Lin - 如果我還剩一件事情可以做 (One Last Thing)

Released: 15 June 2023

The bitter truth of being a human being is that there are just some things in life that you cannot fight against. In 'One Last Thing', JJ Lin is a ticketmaster and a witness to a man coming to terms with that harsh reality of his life, love and ultimately death. Haunting and gut-wrenching, this masterpiece of a video is proof that the medium is still a powerful storytelling tool as it elevates and enhances Lin's already emotional and heartrending ballad. 

hongjoin - Leave In The Summertime

Released: 15 June 2023

Like the words "apple crumble", hongjoin's video for 'Leave In The Summertime' is 50% warm and sweet and 50% a reminder that you are breaking apart. In between pensive glances at the river and quaint light leaks, hongjoin hits deep as he sings, "If you say the word then I’ll never go, if you don’t, then it’s my fault to fall this deep". Suddenly we're all in pieces. 

Tay Kewei - 我的模樣 (In Your Eyes)

Released: 15 June 2023

Taking to the streets of Hong Kong, Tay Kewei sings about how a significant other complements, and makes you strive to be a better version of yourself. Let her tender vocals soothe your heart as she strolls down picturesque Hong Kong spots such as Nai Cung Beach and Bank Street Tram Station.

Alfred Sun - Eyes On Me 

Released: 9 June 2023

'Eyes On Me' is a high-energy trap-pop treat filled with mesmerising camerawork, dynamic choreography, and bold and vibrant lighting choices. An earworm of a song paired with a video that has got our eyes on Alfred Sun throughout his electrifying performance — what more can you ask for?

hongjoin - In Another Life 

Released: 9 June 2023

The multiverse may be all the rage now but no matter what, across all timelines, all we want is just to be loved back. hongjoin pines for just that in 'In Another Life' in between holding hands, night drives and numerous rounds of "We're Not Really Strangers". Memories flood back as hongjoin leads a satisfying crescendo fitting for this pop-rock track that closes his latest EP, F(OOL). 

JJ Lin - Castle in The Air 

Released: 6 June 2023

JJ Lin strips back down to basics in this minimalist take for 'Castle in The Air'. A monochromatic palette, coupled with simple but stunning text projections and lighting, puts Lin's vocals to the forefront as he reflects in solitude, "Everyday people come and go, I wonder what remains".

Aaron Xiang Hua - Bounce 

Released: 2 June 2023

In this high kinetic dance track, Aaron Xiang Hua bounces and bops his way through a video filled with a variety of respectable filters, a mix of aesthetics that bring to mind a retro-modern vibe, and a fuzzy and distorted energy. The result is sure to get you bouncing and moving along. 

BLUSH - All I Wanna Do 

Released: 2 June 2023

Love can take many unexpected twists and sharp turns and Blush captures that in 'All I Wanna Do', as a loving couple snaps romantic vignettes in a video that is not quite what it seems. In a charming video filled with footages of them playing shooting games at an arcade, having cute meals, and shopping for crockery together, the cute meal seems to stand out in that it doesn't stand out. We don't want to spoil too much and we believe you should let the video do rest of the talking but just know this — Blush doesn't disappoint.