Hear65 Music Videos Round-up ft. Shye, Jean Seizure, YAØ and more

Hear65 Music Videos Round-up ft. Shye, Jean Seizure, YAØ and more

Music videos help artists to visually express the meaning behind their tracks. More often than not, these videos offer a deeper understanding and connection to the message behind each song while providing entertainment. In this new series, we will be doing a monthly roundup of music videos from our homegrown musicians that fly under the radar.

Check out this list of our roundup of music videos from homegrown artists and contact us at hello@hear65.com to submit your music videos!


Then Morning Breaks by Jean Seizure (Official Lyric Video)

Released: 17 June

Grab your morning coffee and spend a minute with Jean Seizure as she pours her heart out in her new track ‘Then Morning Breaks’.

YAØ - Broke Pop Kids (Official Lyric Video)

Released: 17 June

Here’s to all broke pop kids, raise your glasses to YAØ with his new anthem ‘Broke Pop Kids’.

shazza - Be Kind - Official Music Video

Released: 17 June

Witness the creativity of local animation studio MOJO in the music video for shazza’s summer bop, about kindess. The video combines whimsical effects and stop-motion animation to highlight shazza’s relatable lyric writing and cheery charm.

Shye - 'mirror' MV

Released: 16 June

Take a trip with Shye into the calm wilderness on her self-directed video ‘mirror’.

黃亭之Tingzhi Hz 【歌詞版】六度分離 OFFICIAL LYRICS MV “6 Degrees of Separation”

Wormrot - Voiceless Choir (Official Video)

Released: 15 June

文慧如 Boon Hui Lu -《還原》Reset Official Music Video

Released: 14 June

Revisit the past with Boon Hui Lu on her new video "還原 (Reset)", featuring vignettes of fond memories stitched together.

we're gonna die anyway!!! (Official Music Video) - RENE & Marian Carmel

Released: 10 June

Carla D - HICCUP

Released: 4 June

Groove along to Carla D's hypnotic video for 'HICCUP'.

MICappella - 坦白說

Released: 4 June

Enjoy MICapella's endearing animated lyric video to their new track '坦白說'.

Taufik Batisah - Stronger Together (NDP 2022 Theme Song)

Released: 2 June

Reach Out for the Skies” lead Taufik Batisah returns for another NDP song, with an upbeat and cheery sound, reminding us on the importance of being united as one.

Kartik Kuna & Hansini - Chance on We

Released: 1 June

Admire Kartik Kuna and Hansini as they croon about the “will they, won’t they?” that best friends sometimes get into.


brb. & SIRUP - friends

Released: 31 May

Singaporean R&B trio brb. teams up with Japanese singer-songwriter SIRUP for the fun and energetic anthem, 'friends'.

Sezairi - Restless Love

Released: 27 May

Watch the magical music video for Sezairi’s new single, and witness a sweet yet simple romance.

lewloh ft. Ariyel, Emily Sangder, Casey Lee Williams, Joshua Evan Lee - Let Me Let You Go

Released: 27 May

Delve deeper into the desperate cries of this mega collaboration led by lewloh, in the cinematic music video accompanying it.

Faraday - Hex

Released: 27 May

evanturetime & owellciao - love always, (Official Visualiser)

Released: 20 May

Witness how owellciao and evanturetime created this heartbreaking track that contemplates a relationship and what it could have been.

Soph T. 霏霏《路過你的古怪》(Official Lyric Video)

Released: 20 May

Soph T. 霏霏 is back with another chill track '路過你的古怪'. Vibe along to the lyric video now!

Coming Up Roses - Would You Ever 

The Way - Ariana Grande (A Cappella Cover by New Recording 47)

Released: 19 May

Witness local acapella group New Recording 47 blend their vocals seamlessly to produce their flip of Ariana Grande’s ‘The Way’.

Wormrot - Grieve / Weeping Willow / Voiceless Choir (Official Video)

Released: 18 May

Watch the official Grieve Trilogy video by Wormrot for 'Grieve / Weeping Willow / Voiceless Choir' as they pay homage to Asian cinema and local crime shows.

Gentle Bones - thank you (Visualizer)

Released: 16 May

Gentle Bones reflects about self-love, in a creative and adorable video for the funky anthem, ‘thank you’.

Sign of Five - 'CHANCES' 

Released: 13 May

Sign of Five’s new empowering track ‘Chances’ is accompanied by a charming video, that inspires adventurous passion in listeners to live the life they’ve always dreamt of.

MYRNE - Emotion (Official Video)

Released: 7 May

Indulge in MYRNE's brand new music video for 'Emotion', a ruminative dance track off his new EP Circles.

Marcus Lee, Adria Tham - Find A Way (Official Music Video)

Released: 6 May

Find your way to the sweet harmonies of Marcus Lee and Adria Tham as they duet on the tender love song 'Find a Way'.

Jasmine Sokko - modern day titanic (Official Lyric Video)

Released: 3 May

Jasmine Sokko returns with her new single 'modern day titanic'. Ride along with this lyric video and soak in her clever wordplay and lyricism!

GOK$ - OMNI (Official Music Video)

Released: 2 May

Get addicted to GOK$‘ deliveries and soak into a trippy and psychedelic atmosphere in this track with Kenzo.


Enathu Tamizhe - Niranjan Pandian (Official Music Video)

Released: 29 April 

Niranjan Pandian enlists a plethora of local musicians and talents, in his latest song, released in conjunction with the Tamil Language Festival 2022.

Gentle Bones - You & I (Official Music Video)

Released: 23 April 

Backdropped with nature and floating animated jellyfishes, watch as Gentle Bones seranades you on his latest track.

On My Mind - Foxela Remix (Official Visualizer)

Released: 22 April

Join the trio in Foxela, Rangga Jones, and Shaykhandbake as they groove out to their track.

ShiGGa Shay ft. ØZI - Mercury (Official Visualizer)

Released: 21 April

Immerse yourself in the official visualer of ShiGGa Shay's latest track which features Taiwanese-American rapper ØZI!

i- by Jean Seizure (Official Lyric Video)

Released: 8 April

Wind down with Jean Seizure’s latest track, ‘i-’ and sing along with the songstress via its official lyric video!

One Mississippi - Viticz Remix (Official Visualizer)

Released: 9 April

Immerse yourself in the wacky and playful animations on the official visualizer for Viticz’s remix of Kitty Purrnaz and Claire Chew’s ‘One Mississippi.’


Tersebutlah Kisah - Fauzie Laily (Official Music Video)

Released: 28 March

Singe-actor Fauzie Laily returns after 3 years with his brand new single, 'Tersebutlah Kisah'

Syaz Smooth - Menunggu (Official Music Video)

Released: 25 March

Join and groove out with Syaz Smooth for his debut music video for his latest single, 'Menunggu'.

MYRNE - Circles

Released: 18 March

Singaporean Electronic Dance Music artist and DJ MYRNE has unvieled another trippy animated lyric video, this time for his latest single 'Circles'. Drown yourself in its colourful and shapeshifting nature, while being entranced by the sounds.

RON - anxious

Released: 18 March

Follow Singaporen singer-songwriter Ron as he vocalises his feelings in the night, bathed in blue.

Hady Mirza - Cinta Sampai Di Sini [Official Music Video]

Released: 16 March

Watch as Hady Mirza belts on this tear-jearking ballad, fixed in a soap opera setting.

Soph T. 霏霏《句號想念問號》Official Music Video

Journey through the night with Soph T. as she takes you on a journey with her latest single, '句號想念問號'.

Released: 11 March

文慧如 Boon Hui Lu《不可言說 Better Left Unsaid 》搶先聽短版MV

Released: 8 March

Dua Lipa - Levitating ROCK Cover by AARCADE X RENE

Released: 4 March

RENE joins AARCADE for a rock cover of Dua Lipa's hit, 'Levitating'!  

Don't Wanna Go - AE$OP CA$H, Feez., Perk Pietrek (Official Visualizer)

Released: 4 March

Watch as AE$OP CA$H, Feez., and Perk Pietrek groove out to their latest banger, 'Don't Wanna Go' released as part of Majulah Weekender season 2!


yongkytown - lost for words (official music video)

Released: 27 February

"lost for words is the quintessential love song for the infatuated." wrote yongkytown in the description of the music video on YouTube. Join the singer-songwriter as he journeys through the night, singing his truth.

YAØ - Lose Face (Official Music Video)

Released: 25 February

Watch YAØ's music video for his latest single, 'Lose Face', and groove along with the pop singer-songwriter in all of his suave.

Akeem Jahat x Chia Kun Loong - friend friend

Released: 24 February

Join Akeem Jahat and Chia Kun Loong of Soul Dot Music as they address the complications that might arise from an ignorant perspective of a friendship through a puppet show.

Jasmine Sokko - we could be so electric (Official Lyric Video)

Released: 11 February

Lose yourself to the visual experience by Anomalyst Studio for Jasmine Sokko's newest single, 'we could be so electric'.

MYRNE - What Can I Do (Official Lyric Video)

Released: February 11

Immerse yourself into the official lyric video of MYRNE's first single released under American EDM label giants, Astralwerks 'What Can I Do'.

Marcus李俊緯, 洪安妮 Anni Hung【 最初的期待 (思念版) Love Once Again (Duet) 】Official Lyric Video 歌詞版MV

Released: February 11

Marcus Lee returns with another cross-country collaboration, this time, with Taiwanese songstress Anni Hung. Join them in song via its official lyric video.

Akeem Jahat - BASIKAL ft Hullera, THELIONCITYBOY ( Official Lyric Video)

Released: Feburary 4

Akeem Jahat teams up with homegrown rapper THELIONCITYBOY and Malaysian rapper Hullera for 'BASIKAL'. Listen as the trio tear up the UK-Drill inspired beat.

On My Mind - Rangga Jones & Shaykhandbake (Official Visualizer)

Released: February 4

Rangga Jones and Shaykhandbake kickstarted the 2022's edition of MAJULAH WEEKENDER with their track 'On My Mind', watch as the duo groove out their catchy track. Its melody is guaranteed to linger in your mind for a while.


Chaidura - Night Forever (Official Video)

Released: 28 January

Join Singaporean alternative rock artist Chaidura as he journeys into the Night in this eclectic music video directed by Barnabas Chua.

ABANGSAPAU, Charlie Lim - Boyhood (Official Music Video)

Released: January 28

Directed by Daryl Eng Jun, the music video takes place in ABANGSAPAU's alma mater, reflecting the personal themes of ‘Boyhood.’ He is accompanied by Charlie Lim as the duo presents the vulnerable number in all of its glory. 

Linying - Good Behaviour (Official Music Video)

Released: January 15

Dubbed as the singer-songwriter’s favourite song she’s ever written to date, Linying’s ‘Good Behaviour’ is now accompanied by a music video. In an Instagram post, she described the process of filming it as “one of the most intense and rewarding things I did last year, and something I consider a great privilege to have experienced in my life.” Watch the cathartic offering of Linying above, no spoilers will be written here.

Wearing Flowers - Dexter Heto

Released: January 14

Singaporean singer-songwriter Dexter Heto dropped his newest track ‘Wearing Flowers’ on the 14th of January, diving into the themes surrounding fantasy and reality, as well as the fine line that separates the two. Directed by Teri Tan, follow Heto as he journeys through the two realms with a peculiar flower.

yeule - Too Dead Inside 

Released: January 13

Glitch princess yeule dropped their brand new single ‘Too Dead Inside’ on the 13th of January, accompanying its release is an official lyric video. Drown yourself in this undeniably catchy number, produced by acclaimed London producer Danny L Harle.

《Om Tara》- 蔡健雅 Tanya Chua

Released: January 11

Join Tanya Chua through a magical and healing journey with her music video for bilingual single ‘Om Tara’. Accompanied by lush and alluring instrumentation, Chua shared via an Instagram post that she wrote this song “in a state of a volcanic eruption.” She continues to share that she wrote the entire track in one sitting.


Linying - Good Behaviour (Official Lyric Video)

Released: 31 December

Linying released her 5th and final single of 2021 titled 'Good Behaviour' on the 31st of December, accompanied by an official lyric video. It features the single's artwork which was designed by Linying herself, along with typography by Vanessa Lim.


JUNNY, lullaboy - solo (Lyric Video)

Released: 27 December

lullaboy joins arms with K-Pop artist JUNNY for their latest single 'solo', watch and sing along together with them on their official lyric video.

Axel Brizzy x Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - SAVAGE

Released: 27 December

In collaboration with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Axel Brizzy's 'SAVAGE' dives into themes surrounding the game and even features samples from the playable characters in it. It's visualizer is done by Singaporean rapper and singer ihasamic!, one-third of the trio Y!SHUN PAN!K.

"cry (reimagined)" by Dominic Chin & Haneri

Released: 24 December

Dominic Chin teams up with Haneri for another reimagined version of his song, this time for 'cry'. Here, they sing in a room littered with stars.

邱鋒澤 FENG ZE  冰山 ICEBERG - (Official Music Video)

Released: 21 December

Indulge yourself in this icy ballad as Feng Ze serenades you, backdropped with an iceberg.

Axel Brizzy - BY ANY MEANS (Official Music Video)

Released: 19 December

Supply this hip-hop rap track with an equally funky music video by Axel Brizzy for his newest single 'BY ANY MEANS'. With bright animated effects added in, this music video brings you to another dimension visually.

Kaitlyn Lin - 凱特琳《只要妳說》Music Video

Released: 18 December

Watch  and wing along with Kaitlyn Lin as she belts her newest single '只要妳說' sorrowfully in multiple shots — including one in the midst of snowfall — about her longing for her lover. 

Gentle Bones & JJ Lin - At Least I Had You (Official Music Video)

Released: 14 December

Watch as the two Singaporean pop mammoths Gentle Bones and JJ Lin harmonise together while playing the piano and the guitar on their music video for their single 'At Least I Had You'!

Linying - 3 Hours On (Official Lyric Video)

Released: 3 December

Linying’s newest release ‘3 Hours On’ is accompanied by an official lyric video. Drown yourself in 3 minutes of eternal bliss, coupled with Linying’s haunting vocals.

Fariz Jabba, Yung Raja - And Then (Official Music Video)

Released: 3 December

Join the iconic duo as they take you through multiple outfit changes styled by Youths in Balaclava and banging out verses in English, Malay and Tamil, asking each other “And Then?”


林俊傑JJ Lin -《After The Rain》Official Lyric Video

Released: 30 November

Watch and sing along to JJ Lin’s latest ballad ‘After The Rain’.  Its animated lyric video follows the protagonist as they navigate through a rainy bustling city.

Houg, Supergoods - Jarr

Released: Nov 28

Houg released his new music video for his latest single titled ‘Jarr’ which was released on the 12th of November. It follows the protagonist as he seemingly gets lost, and how he tries to navigate his way to where he was supposed to be.

reub - 'faces' (official lyric video)

Released: Nov 26

Watch (and sing together with) Reub’s lyric video for his latest single ‘Faces’. “And they’re all just riding out the system, you’re stuck right here in the algorithm” sings Reub in this haunting ballad.

Dominic Chin & Eli from Count Vernon - "shy (reimagined)"

Released: Nov 26

Dominic Chin is back with another reimagined version of his tracks, this time ‘shy’ - featuring indie rock outfit Count Vernon’s Eli. Watch the pair sit blindfolded in the music video, showcasing their vulnerability as they sing about grappling with anxiety and fears.

文慧如 Boon Hui Lu - 做你的太陽 (Be Your Sunshine)

Released: 19 November

Boon Hui Lu takes viewers on a rural adventure in her latest music video for her new single "做你的太陽 (Be Your Sunshine)".


Released: 19 November

Accompanying YAØ's latest release 'WUW' is a music video directed by bless7up. It follows YAØ as he wanders through Singapore's city in the night, visibily distraught and in search for something in the dimly-lit night.

ShiGGa Shay (ft. Aisyah Aziz) - uTopia reimagined: chasing

Released: 19 November

A response to Vladimir Martynov's symphony, ShiGGa Shay teams up with Aisyah Aziz for his very own rendition. It's official lyric video is directed by Director Fish and features pictures of ShiGGa and Aisyah photographed by Jayden Tan.

Chasing Daylight - Tragedy

Released: 12 November

Alternative rock band Chasing Daylight are back and breaking down barriers with 'Tragedy', their latest release which features a meld of genres from cyberpunk to screamo. The animated music video stars an ordinary office worker attempting to break away from an apocalyptic future. A joint effort with Brooklyn's Mikaela Kauffman, the video perfectly fits the lyrics that question today's troubled world.

Sheikh Haikel Ft. Charlie Lim - So I Say What's Up

Released: 11 November

Sheikh Haikel teamed up with Charlie Lim and Flightsch for his new single 'So I Say What's Up', which builds up to his final album, bidding farewell to his music-making career. The idea for this single was birthed through a meal shared between Haikel, Lim and Flightsch. In an Instagram post, Lim wrote: "[Sheikh Haikel] poured his heart out about being estranged from a best friend over the years. He wanted the song to be a letter to his friend, and that he’d always be around for him regardless of what might’ve changed." 

La Di Da - Dru Chen & Gentle Bones

Released: November 5

Watch Dru Chen and Gentle Bones as they play the roles of two eager contestants on a talent show in the music video for 'La Di Da'. The comedic music video perfectly encapsulates the message of the song, where the duo sing about forgetting their worries and "take[ing] a deeper breath and sing[ing]".

Baby Mama - Benjamin Kheng

Released: November 5

Released on 5 November, the music video features Benjamin Kheng as he dances with a partner to his new single which features a mix of R&B and EDM inspired by the music from the late '90s and early '00s.

Far Side ft Danikiddo - BGourd & e-Plant

Released: November 5

This visualiser was directed by Paul Lin, BGourd and Dankiddo and features their floating heads getting transported in and out of different realms as they spit their rhymes.

Masia One & ALX - Go Girl Go Get It 

Released: November 4

“Even if the day is tough, a Hiphop charged affirmation can change the frequency of your whole vibe. You might even turn it around and attract the things you DO want in life," shared Masia One in a press release statement. The music video features Masia One and her friends as they go about their day all in the spirit of the track's title and affirmations.


real love – killmeslow

Released: October 31

killmeslow is back with yet another catchy single titled ‘real love’. Produced by the singer himself alongside thislandis, the music video features the musician wandering the streets of Singapore at night. “Tell me if it’s real, baby I don’t wanna fake it,” he sings. “Money on my mind, girl you got me feeling jaded.”

Love Me Little More - Iman Fandi

Released: October 29

Iman Fandi's newest music video for her new pop single 'Love Me Little More' potrays the ups and downs of a relationship and how it affects the two individuals

unwind - Altoduo (featuring Ridz Razali)

Released: 29 October

The math rock duo takes viewers outdoors as they play their track 'unwind' alongside percussionist Ridz Razali.

Fresh Air – BGourd and Fauxe 

Released: October 20  

BGourd and Fauxe’s new music video is indeed a breath of “fresh air”. Fun and original, the animated music video is directed by Denise Nicole Yap from Tell Your Children. Follow the animated version of BGourd as he enters a video game and battles other characters in the “Veggie World”.

Excuse Me (What's The Time)? – Houg and Fontana Folle

Released: October 21  

“If you could go back in time, would you still do what you did?” asks Houg in his latest single with Fontana Folle, ‘Excuse Me (What's The Time)?’. Centered on the theme of lost time, the singer revisits KTV spots in Singapore in this retrospective music video.

Re-License To Cry: "aware" by Dominic Chin & Marian Carmel

Released: October 22

Dominic Chin and Marian Carmel star in this music video for the reimagined version of Chin’s track ‘aware’. Both artists’ vocals take the spotlight in the stripped down song, with the video featuring the pair singing together while sitting in front of a microphone.

Had It Better – Firwan Johan

Released: October 22 

Firwan Johan is the centre of attention in his music video for his first ever English single, ‘Had It Better’. The video was directed by production house Eclectic Vibes, with Johan singing and rapping in front of the camera amidst flashing neon lights.

Change Your Mind – Cravism and Maya Diegel

Released: October 22 

Join Maya Diegel and her friends in a sleepover party as they have fun in their pyjamas, try their hand at baking, and enjoy a round of drinks over card games. This is not the only collaboration between Diegel and Singaporean producer Cravism – they have also teamed up for songs such as ‘Caryatid’ and ‘It’s Okay’.

Dabin - Again feat. MYRNE

Released: October 18 

Singaporean DJ and producer MYRNE collaborates with Canadian singer Dabin on this compelling EDM track. With mesmerizing beats accompanied by Dabin’s captivating vocals, the song is addictive from start to finish.

Rising Tides - Reinaeiry

Released: October 17

“Barely tall enough, I keep my head above the rising tides,” sings Reinaery in her emotionally-packed song ‘Rising Tides’. With a lyric video that features visuals of crashing waves against a purple-orange sunset, the track is retrospective, calming, and haunting all at once.

IDWBTW - stripped - Marcus Lee 李俊緯 

Released: October 10

Marcus Lee dropped a live performance of his new single ‘IDWBTW - stripped’ on the 10th of October. Strapped with an acoustic guitar, the song’s title is an acronym for “I don’t wanna be this way”, the song touches the themes around Lee’s mental health, and how he’s striving towards achieving self-love while navigating through negative thoughts.

You Were Right - Doppelgangerz feat. Lockshire 

Released: 8 October

Released by Tropical House Records, the oficial lyric video features their new track's lyrics spliced with footage of summer holiday videos - on brand with the track's summer sound.

Don't Be So Hard On Your Own Beauty - yeule 

Released: 7 October

Yeule’s latest single 'Don’t Be So Hard On Your Own Beauty' is accompanied by a music video directed by Joy Song and produced by Tanya Kneale. Shot in reverse, the cinematic video features Yeule moving to a choreographed dance while singing the poetic lyrics of their new track.


Released: 6 October

AE$OP CA$H teams up with BDK NIP for a bilingual remix on Italian rapper Shiva’s ‘Fendi Belt’. The music video, directed by YUNGTAUFOO, was launched together with HVT Entertainment, a new Hip-Hop/R&B label by Jon Chua JX of ZendyllJulius Ng of The Kennel Asia, and RIIDEM.

I WANT MY BUBBLE TEA - The Ann & Ben Show

Released: 1 October

Benjamin Kheng and Annette Lee show just how far Singaporeans’ love for bubble tea can go in this heavy metal inspired track. The high production video also features cameos from SGAG’s Pamela Lee, as well as local indie pop outfit M1LDL1FE.

Fly - Dexter Heto

Released: 1 October

Dexter Heto revisits his musings from 2012 where he first wrote ‘Fly’. Getting to grips with the “mortality of life, death, and life after death,” produced by Darren Cheng and Evan Low. The black and white music video poignantly concludes with Heto submerging himself in water, begetting the aforementioned musings.


Lucy's Space Garden - Spacedays

Released: September 30

Psychedalic-quintet Spacedays brings us on a trip to 'Lucy’s Space Garden' on their new music video animated by Redzuan Salleh. A small peek into her space garden will immediately demand all of your attention, drawing you into it as you “walk through the clouds that feel like snow”, marvelling at “the colours you’ve never seen” before and feeling “the peace of night and day” of Lucy’s Space Garden.

Terminal - lewloh, Julia Gartha

Released: September 29

lewloh and Julia Gartha’s vocals harmonize perfectly in this heartbreaking ballad. The music video tells a unique story about a cloning experiment, where the Singaporean singer-songwriter stars as a lab scientist.

WASTE OF TIME. – aküma ft. Jovan Lee

Released: September 23

aküma and Jovan Lee bring viewers on a tour of Singapore in their music video for ‘WASTE OF TIME.’ Complete with haphazard VHS effects and camera flares, the video acts as the perfect accompaniment to the track about a doomed relationship.

West Side Story (Official Music Video) - RIIDEM, Aisyah Aziz, Haven, Joie Tan

Released: September 24

As part of the game show docuseries Hometown Heroes, RIIDEM, Aisyah Aziz, Haven and Joie Tan have released their music video for their collaborative track ‘Movin’ On’.

Re-License To Cry: "better" - Dominic Chin & Sherman Zhuo

Released: September 24

A re-imagined take on 'better' featuring Sherman Zhuo, watch as the duo seranade you atop of a green-screened backdrop of a sunny hill, surrounded by greenery.

Wanderlust - Kartik Kuna (Official Fan Music Video)

Released: 26 September

While we're still land-locked due to the pandemic, travel with this aural and visual experience through a montage of Kartik Kuna fan's pictures of "where they would rather be".

Movin' On (Official Music Video) - shaykhandbake, Dominic Chin, KHAi, Josh Makazo

Released: September 17

As part of the game show docuseries Hometown Heroes, shaykhandbake, Dominic Chin,  KHAi and Josh Makazo have released their music video for their collaborative track ‘Movin’ On’.

这个那个 (The Caifan Song) - The Ann & Ben Show

Released: September 17

Comedic duo Annette Lee and Benjamin Kheng are back in their latest track from “The Ann & Ben Show”. The music video for the catchy Mandopop song features the pair putting on a spectacular show in a coffee shop.  

Brock Lesnar - Carpet Golf

Released: September 18

The music video for Brock Lesnar follows the protagonist’s journey as he comically trains himself to “get jacked”. It starts with Act 1: “Rise and Shine” and finishes it off with it’s ultimatum in Act 4: “Boss Fight”.

how r u sleeping - Shye

Released: September 19

“Shakey hands and and a $30 kid’s camcorder” Watch as Shye takes viewers around the scenic views of Singapore accompanied by the comforting sounds of her new single ‘how r u sleeping’ which was written, recorded, produced and mixed by herself.

Silent Worlds - The Oddfellows

Released: 10 September

Formed in 1988, The Oddfellows return with their new single ‘Small Worlds’, leading up to their forthcoming album ‘What’s Yours And Mine’. Journey through Singapore’s iconic skyline accompanied by visuals by fFurious in their latest music video.

Bright City, Grey Skies - Hometown Hereos ft. Jason Gelchen, Daniel Sid, Jaarvis, jaye

Released: 10 September

As part of the game show docuseries Hometown Heroes, Jason Gelchen, Daniel Sid,  Jaarvis and jaye have released their music video for their collaborative track ‘Bright City, Grey Skies’. Watch as they serenade you in their room.

Easy Girl Easy Boy - Haven

Released: 10 September

Produced by HenHao Productions, the music video showcases the different sides of Haven accompanied with vibrant visuals. Her latest single, 'Easy Girl Easy Boy' marks a new era for HAVEN, after three years of mentorship and music training by AOR Reach Programme.

bua loy - Reub

Released: 10 September

Reub filmed his music video for his new single ‘bua loy’ in his apartment during the time of a lockdown in Bangkok, Thailand. Sing along with him in a karaoke-esque manner with this music video.

L.A.B, Life's a Book - ZÏD 

Released: 11 September

Released for Suicide Prevention Month, ZID shared his debut single deep diving in to his psyche and sharing his experiences and struggles in hopes of bringing some light to people who may be struggling the way he did.


Released: 2 September

Accompanying the release of the addictive ‘SKALI LAGI’, singer ALYPH also unveiled a music video for the song which features him and a female standing amidst neon lights. Singing about sadness in a relationship, ALYPH says: “They both really are deeply into each other, but something is holding them back. You feel the tension in the air. You feel like they both know that, but it cannot happen.”

Get To Me - Hometown Heroes ft. evanturetime, Estelle Fly, Marian Carmel, Shye

Released: 3 September

As part of the game show docuseries Hometown Heroes, evanturetime, Estelle Fly, Marian Carmel and Shye have unveiled their music video for their collaborative track titled ‘Get To Me’. Watch the four artists as they explore their neighbourhood and have the time of their lives.

DA SHI TENG (The Caning Song) - The Ann & Ben Show

Released: 3 September

The second episode of comedy series The Ann & Ben shows sees a parody track about caning in an Asian household. Featuring Annette Lee and Benjamin Kheng playing different roles including strict parents and truant children, the catchy track and hilarious music video will keep you entertained from start to finish.

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