Hear65's music video guide (August 2023) — ft. Benjamin Kheng, Amanda Ong, Subsonic Eye, and more

Hear65's music video guide (August 2023) — ft. Benjamin Kheng, Amanda Ong, Subsonic Eye, and more

When it comes to music, music videos are important supplements to what we can hear as they stimulate our visual senses in a way that sound cannot.

From creative homemade projects to cinematic works that beg to be seen on a big screen, all forms of music videos are released by Singapore's talented musicians seeking to extend the stories told in their songs every month. In this monthly series, we will be rounding up the latest releases from our sunny island that might fly under the radar. 

Check out Hear65's guide to local music videos for August and contact us at hello@hear65.com to submit your music videos!

Benjamin Kheng - 'Break From The Party'

Released: 25 August 2023

Teaming up with 'Rock Bottom Blues' director Barnabas Chua again, Benjamin Kheng gives us a step-by-step guide on how to take a 'Break From The Party'. A metaphor for the exhaustion one faces after putting on a false front and the struggles of facing one's inner demons, Kheng's lonely and trippy trek through a nightclub is accompanied by on-screen pieces of advice that might hit very close to home for some. If self-deprecating humour is your cup of tea, this music video is for you.

Amanda Ong - 'Dear Me'

Released: 18 August 2023

As she dances, skips, sings, and just lets herself be silly while on vacation, singer-songwriter Amanda Ong reminds us of the importance of the one thing we constantly forget to do as we navigate through life — let loose. If you have been having a bad day, week, or month, let this delightful music video be your little pick-me-up.

Subsonic Eye - 'J-O-B'

Released: 15 August 2023

In the wacky music video for their latest single 'J-O-B', indie rock outfit Subsonic Eye embark on a mission to solve a manpower shortage by recruiting an ape into the workforce. As you would expect, the new addition finds it difficult to fit in, leading to a comical climax to the tale. The ending of the music video is not something you would expect, but we shan't say anything about it lest we ruin the surprise for you.

hongjoin and Marian Carmel - 'Old Habits (Official Lyric Video)'

Released: 11 August 2023

The shots of hongjoin and Marian Carmel hanging out at an empty bus stop may not mean much when they are taken on their own. But when they're combined with the homegrown artists' collaborative track 'Old Habits', they transform into the happier memories of a rocky relationship. As the song's lyrics tell us, it's hard to forget someone who once occupied a place in your heart, and it's usually the little moments you shared with them that you will remember the most. 

Singapore Airlines - 'The Road Ahead'

Released: 9 August 2023

Singapore turned 58 this month and her national airline decided to join in the celebrations by putting its own spin on the NDP 2021 theme song, 'The Road Ahead'. Featuring members of its Cabin Crew Music Society and Performing Arts Circle, this special video shows us a musical side of Singapore Airlines' flight crew that many have not seen before. 

Ruth Kueo - 'Roselia'

Released: 7 August 2023

Made in collaboration with esteemed sand art artist Zhuang Ming Da, the music video for Mandopop singer-songwriter Ruth Kueo's 'Roselia' is a visual treat that looks like it was ripped right out of the silent movie era. Like 'Roselia', the pieces of sand art created by Zhuang for this video tell the story of a person's "rebirth".

SG Enable - 'Our Story'

Released: 5 August 2023

The combined effort of 500 individuals from all walks of life, the music video for SG Enable's 'Our Story' is a moving piece of work that reminds us that every member of Singapore's society is unique and valuable and that we should not let our differences divide us.

shazza - 'Build A Home (Live)'

Released: 4 August 2023

Joined by her band members Dominic Yuan, Ashlyn Yeo, Boey Yong En, and Wee Yi Xun, shazza oozes with charm as she delivers an intimate live performance of her track 'Build A Home'. Coming less than a month before her first headlining concert in Singapore, this video serves as a sneak peek of what you can expect when you catch the singer-songwriter in the flesh.

Moon Chew - '下雨天 - 南拳媽媽 (Moon Chew 鄒月 Cover)'

Released: 4 August 2023

Mandopop artist Moon Chew appears as a silhouette framed against recognisable local residential buildings and an overcast sky in this visual accompaniment to her cover of Taiwanese group 南拳媽媽 (Nan Quan Mama)'s '下雨天 (Xia Yu Tian)'

Regina Song - 'heartache frenzy'

Released: 4 August 2023

Having strong feelings for someone whom you know will probably never feel the same way about you can be frustrating, confusing, and painful at the same time. Under the direction of Ivan Iskandar, rising singer Regina Song captures the angst that comes with unrequited love as she observes the faceless person she has a "heartache frenzy" over from afar.

IZPZ - 'In Sight'

Released: 4 August 2023

With a tranquil lake and a dreamy sky decorated with thin strips of clouds behind him, singer-songwriter IZPZ paces up and down while processing his emotions after a failed relationship. Like a painting that has come to life, this music video is both melancholic and beautiful.