Hear65's music video guide (November 2023) — ft. Linying, Yung Raja, IZPZ, and more

Hear65's music video guide (November 2023) — ft. Linying, Yung Raja, IZPZ, and more

When it comes to music, music videos are important supplements to what we can hear as they stimulate our visual senses in a way that sound cannot.

From creative homemade projects to cinematic works that beg to be seen on a big screen, all forms of music videos are released by Singapore's talented musicians seeking to extend the stories told in their songs every month. In this monthly series, we will be rounding up the latest releases from our sunny island that might fly under the radar. 

Check out Hear65's guide to local music videos for November and contact us at hello@hear65.com to submit your music videos!

Linying - 'Happiness'

Released: 17 November 2023

From filmmaker and photographer Michelle Mei and singer-songwriter Linying comes this radiant visual companion to the joyous track 'Happiness'. Here, we find a carefree Linying enjoying "the thrill of post-breakup freedom" while on a vacation on the beautiful Philippine island of Siargao. 

Benjamin Kheng - 'Shared Trauma (Stripped Version)'

Released: 16 November 2023

In this unconventional stripped-down performance, Benjamin Kheng puts together an alternate version of his song 'Shared Trauma' that incorporates sounds from his PS5 (yes, you read that right). Featuring the clicking of the Dualsense Wireless Controller's triggers and the sound of Kheng brushing his hand against his console, this rendition of 'Shared Trauma' is an innovating crossover between the worlds of music and gaming. 

IZPZ - 'love for hire'

Released: 10 November 2023

During moments of solitude in a bathroom and on a bench along a walkway, IZPZ pours his heart out about a very painful heartbreak. In what is the video's most heart-wrenching scene, the rising singer-songwriter belts out lines addressed to his former lover while on his knees, hoping that his words will somehow find their way to them. 

Various - 'Jolikum Deepavali 2023'

Released: 9 November 2023

Vasantham Star 2022 champion Navein Gunasekaran, Yaar Antha Star 2020 contestant Sneha Mahesh, and more invite you to dance, feast, and sing with them in the colourful and cheerful music video for Mediacorp's 2023 Deepavali theme song, 'Jolikum Deepavali'

Indian Heritage Centre Ft. Yung Raja - 'LITTY LITTY DEEPAVALI'

Released: 7 November 2023

In this Festival of Lights team-up between the Indian Heritage Centre and hip-hop star Yung Raja, we follow the latter as he wakes up on Deepavali, picks out his best festive fit, and enjoys the holiday with his loved ones by his side. 

Gentle Bones - 'Hey You'

Released: 6 November 2023

If you have ever pursued someone you really liked in the hopes that they would reciprocate your feelings for them, you will find this music video from Gentle Bones relatable. In it, we find the lovestruck singer-songwriter trying to tell the woman of his dreams (played by local actress Sheena Chan) how he sees her through his eyes. Will this story have a happy ending? Watch on to find out.

Nathan Hartono - 'In The Clouds'

Released: 2 November 2023

See our sunny island through Nathan Hartono's lens in this collaboration between the Singapore Tourism Board and the singer-songwriter's label, Warner Music Singapore. Accompanying 'In The Clouds', a track from Hartono's 2023 album The Great Regression, this music video spotlights Keong Saik and Tanjong Pagar — places that "hold special meaning and memories" for the 32-year-old.

Paul Partohap ft. Arthur Miguel, D Gerrard, Nathan Hartono, and Rizal Rasid - 'BESTFRiEND'

Released: 2 November 2023

Paul Partohap joins forces with his Southeast Asian musician friends Arthur Miguel, D Gerrard, Nathan Hartono, and Rizal Rasid to tell the world that through good and bad times, they'll be there for each other. In this feel-good display of friendship, the quintet spends the day hanging out together and sprucing up good vibes. 

Kerensa Lee - 'Dance The Night Away'

Released: 1 November 2023

Leave it to Kerensa Lee and her friends to 'Dance the Night Away' and have a good time despite the sweltering heat. Set on a sunny beach at Sentosa Island, the music video for the dance-pop number sees the singer-songwriter dance, play, and sing with her friends, capturing the essence of summertime in Singapore.