Highlights of the SCAPE Invasion Youth Music Awards 2019

Highlights of the SCAPE Invasion Youth Music Awards 2019

Last Saturday, SCAPE and Invasion Singapore held the first-ever Youth Music Awards to celebrate the contributions made by our talented pool of artists. Themed Catching Feelings, the 13 categories for the awards reflected how music has affected listeners the significant moments in their lives.

The final decision came down to a list of veterans from seasoned musicians to music editors to creative directors such as Nicholas ShieldsVanessa FernandezDavid SiowJon ChuaInch ChuaClarence ChanEddino Abdul HadiHyder AlbarDavid Chua, George Leong, Etienne Lesourd and Chanderni Devi Polo.

In addition to the awards, singer-songwriters Charlie Lim and Annette Lee and rappers Yung Raja and Fariz Jabba injected even more excitement with live performances of their biggest hits.

Check out the full list of winners below.

Best Song To Unwind To

Shye – 'I Rly Like U'

Best Song to Fall In Love To

Sezairi – 'It’s You'

Fresh Vibe Of The Year

Charlie Lim – CHECK-HOOK

Best Song To Wake Up To

Retrofocus – 'Happy Tune'

Best Song To Party To

Yung Raja – 'Mustafa'

Best Song To Book Out To

M1LDL1FE – 'Distraction'

New Kids On The Block


Best Song To Sing Along To

Axel Brizzy & Marian Carmel – 'Thursday'

Best Feel Good Song

brb. – 'Cool With It'

Earworm of the Year

The Sam Willows – 'Keep Me Jealous'

Best Song To Rock Out To

Caracal – 'Manicenigmatic'

Best Song To Break Up To

Sam Rui – 'Better'

Best Cover Artist