Jasmine Sokko puts on a stunning performance on Chinese electronic music reality show ‘Rave Now’

Jasmine Sokko puts on a stunning performance on Chinese electronic music reality show ‘Rave Now’

Made In Singapore music is fast proving to be an international proposition. China is one such market where Singaporean music is highly esteemed and valued. Last week, one of the brightest burning stars in the firmament of local electronic music Jasmine Sokko made a huge impression on the online electronic music reality show Rave Now.

Currently in its first season, the show is presented by Chinese streaming conglomerate Tencent Video and produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and Star Media Entertainment. In the show, electronic music producers more than 70 teams from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Canada and Singapore, will square off with each other in elimination rounds for the honour of performing at Tomorrowland 2019. Much like American shows of this nature, Rave Now also features celebrity mentors who provide feedback and tips for the contestants to help them through in the competition. Season one’s guests are the panel of Mandopop star Lay Zhang 张艺兴 (member of K-pop group EXO), electronic pop starlet Laure Shang 尚雯婕, Chinese singer/actor Wowkie Zhang 大张伟 and Norwegian EDM crown prince DJ Alan Walker.

For her performance, Sokko, who hails from one of two Singaporean teams on the show, rewrote her original track '#0000FF' with Mandarin lyrics and deeply piqued the interest of Alan Walker and Lay Zhang. The latter was effusive about how much Sokko’s performance impressed him and emphatically awarded her his stamp of approval: “I love Jasmine’s musical style - both the production and the melody are very ‘futuristic’”. Likewise, her fellow contestants were equally charmed, casting a vote of 18 against 10 that sent Jasmine Sokko into Round 2 of the competition.

Since her performance on the show, Sokko has emerged as a veritable sensation on Chinese social media. Currently trending on Weibo at Top 25, her performance video of “#0000FF” has risen to the #2 spot on the weekly Rave Now charts.

We wish Sokko the utmost success on her progress in her craft within the show and without.

Watch her performance here.

New weekly episodes of Rave Now are streamed exclusively every Saturday, 8pm on Tencent Video, from 1 December 2018 onwards.