What Joakim Gomez is listening to right now, from Coldplay to Jasmine Sokko

What Joakim Gomez is listening to right now, from Coldplay to Jasmine Sokko

Joakim Gomez is a heart-on-sleeve lover of music. The former Singapore Idol alum and current radio producer and presenter on 987FM has a diverse palette that spans the spectrum of popular music.

Crucially, Gomez is also a firm supporter of Singaporean music, and besides using his platform to shine a glorious light on the music coming out of here, also actively listens to local music.

Below, he speaks to us about his favourite Singaporean and international artists and songs and curates a 10-song playlist of current earworms that includes his favourite Singaporean picks.

What’s one album you still listen to from start to finish and why?

Wow! Where do I even begin with this one? There are more than just one album I’d listen to from start to finish, and I realise...they come mostly from Coldplay. The A Rush Of Blood to The Head album from 2002. I was 14 at that time. The songs in that album speak to me in a way none can. I know this sounds terribly cliché but this much is true. I enjoy playing the piano by hearing so you could imagine me banging out ‘Clocks’, and ‘Politik’ on it. My favourite song off that album? ‘God Put a Smile Upon Your Face’.

How important is it to you to have music playing as you go about your day(outside of work)?

Music, at least in my professional and personal life, plays a huge part in it. I’m always plugged in on public transport lost in my own world of the music available to me on my smartphone. It just keeps me happy, or calm, and allows me to forget the stresses that every day brings. Not to mention, some songs really hype and psyche you up.

What's one song that's never gotten old for you? Please explain.

Guys...this question is IMPOSSIBLE to answer without giving you more than one. I could go from The Beatles, ACDC, Michael Jackson to your Backstreet Boys, Ed Sheerans, Katy Perrys and Missy Elliot.

This is a really random choice, and only because it came on during shuffle mode on my smartphone: I’ll go with Led Zeppelin’s 'The Immigrant Song'. The guitar chords, the vocals, and with its recent resurgence on Thor: Ragnarok...It’s a rock-band staple. And it just makes me want to throw lightning bolts at negative energy.

What's one local song you really love?

‘1057’ by Jasmine Sokko. If I’m not wrong, Jasmine was just 19-20 at that time when she released this song, along with her entire image, persona and identity. I was truly blown away at how assured she is in herself as an artist. And looking at her put out the songs she’s doing now on radio, and how she has evolved from what is already a strong identity, just leaves me in awe of her creative mind Jasmine Sokko. Yeah! I am a huge fan.

Who's one artist from whom you always look out for new music?

Jasmine Sokko aside, I look forward to whatever Sezairi puts out on radio. That guy can REALLY SING and is such a talented musician. I’ve followed his journey ever since he won Singapore Idol back in the year 2009. I did my National Service with him for a few months while in the Music and Drama Company and I’ve seen him grow from the amazing performer he was back then, to what he is today. In my personal opinion, he continues to evolve and push himself musically..and I’m totally digging what he is doing for the gaming community too with his live streams on Welp.

What's one song you've listened to recently that the world should know about?

Ally Brooke Ft Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Lips Don’t Lie.

First time I heard it play on 987, Sonia and I were absolutely hooked. We love the ‘90s-sounding beat to the piano. It’s really old school (at least for us), and we don’t hear much of a song like this anymore...so this is definitely a breath of fresh air.

What is your current playlist of top 10 songs, including 3 local tracks?