Meiting releases new single 'Midnight In Paris'

Meiting releases new single 'Midnight In Paris'

Singaporean Mandopop singer Ng Meiting has shared a new single '巴黎的十二点(Midnight In Paris)' just in time for the third day of Chinese New Year.

Meiting emerged into the spotlight with the release of her first single '藍月(Blue Moon)' in 2016 and performed at Esplanade’s Huayi Festival We are Singer-songwriters!, which is one of Singapore's biggest Chinese festivals celebrating the arts, just a few months after. Since then, she has released three singles and a debut EP 别担心!我不是坏人(Don't Worry! I'm Not A Bad Person) last year.

She worked with K-pop producer Gen Neo on the track under Zaobao.sg’s programme Sing Our Song and in an official press release she stated, "'Midnight in Paris' was inspired by the eponymous classic movie, where the male lead travels back in time and falls in love with a girl. Their love story was short-lived, but exciting and memorable". 

Stream her new track below.