Were you there for these musicians' hilarious social media moments from 2017?

Were you there for these musicians' hilarious social media moments from 2017?

The internet has brought us some of the greatest things in life like Netflix, streaming and of course, social media. While social media can often be a place of toxicity and negativity, it's also a haven for some of the best things in life - we're talking about memes and humour. We looked back and rounded up some of the funniest (or not so funny) and weirdest moments of our Singaporean artists on social media in the past year, like the following:

When Gentle Bones' took to Twitter to address the comment below

with this tweet:

Or like when The Sam Willows responded to Nathan Hartono's rise to fame:

When Subsonic Eye gave influencer Jianhao Tan some friendly advice:

After he got a rather... questionable haircut 

When Linying posted this screenshot on her Twitter:

btw @ Linying I won't skip your music regardless of whether I'm having a bad day or not!!!

When Stefanie Sun took to Twitter to quash some fake reports

When Sobs got defensive about their very limited discography

After someone made this comment: 

guys give chance leh they only just debuted 

When MYRNE made this comment about Selena Gomez's new single with Marshmello

Funnily enough we tweeted the exact same thing in response to Taylor Swift's Reputation cover (which, by the way, we re-created here)

That time someone used The Sam Willows' Benjamin Kheng's photo to catfish potential love interests on the dating app Tinder

if i repost this is it considered a regret

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When Nathan Hartono finally expressed his innermost thoughts with the 280-character limit on Twitter: 

and when he subsequently revealed his best nine photos of 2017 on Instagram:


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When Sam Rui did the "when you're with him vs. after you break up" meme and nailed it perfectly

after u break up with him vs. when ur together

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And finally, when Subsonic Eye made full of use of this meme and taught us how to close the year right.