National Arts Council and SMRT to bring local music to commuters with Hear65's 'I Play SG Music' campaign

National Arts Council and SMRT to bring local music to commuters with Hear65's 'I Play SG Music' campaign


You can now hear local music throughout MRT stations in Singapore. 

Today (30 August), the National Arts Council (NAC) and SMRT Trains Ltd. announced their partnership to enliven public spaces with local music, art, and poetry. The collaboration, which spans three years, is spearheaded by a year-long I Play SG Music campaign led by Hear65, a music movement helmed by NAC and music media company Bandwagon.

The campaign plans to bring homegrown artists closer to over 3 million daily commuters, playing local music across 125 MRT and LRT stations and bus interchanges. 

I Play SG Music aims to champion new opportunities and spotlight homegrown musicians amongst a wider audience. Through the campaign, commuters will be able to experience a diverse range of Singaporean music through playlists curated by Hear65, created to fit the mood for different times of the day. 

As part of the patnership, NAC and SMRT will continue to introduce various new projects and initiatives, including those centered around poetry, to further expand commuter's exposure to local art. 

"Partnerships are key to unlocking more avenues for arts creation, presentation, and connections in Singapore. The support of valued stakeholders such as SMRT is a cornerstone of Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027), as spaces across the island will be invigorated by the arts, transforming Singapore into an endearing home and A Distinctive City that inspires. We invite more like-minded partners to join us in the making of Singapore’s vibrant and sustainable arts scene," says Low Eng Teong, Chief Executive Officer of NAC.

"This landmark partnership with NAC is one of the ways in which SMRT hopes to connect communities around our public transport network through the common language of art and music. We are happy that our spaces in the transit network can become an enabling platform for homegrown artists and buskers with disabilities to share their works with a wider audience," says Lam Sheau Kai, President, SMRT Trains Ltd. 

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This story originally appeared on Bandwagon Asia.