PREMIERE: Evanturetime releases extended version of 'You' for Valentine's Day

PREMIERE: Evanturetime releases extended version of 'You' for Valentine's Day

In some sectors of music, the belief that art should strive for transcendence still prevails – thankfully. 'You' is one of them.

‘You’ was made by a trinity of some of contemporary Singaporean music’s most essential treasures: Evanturtime, Tim De Cotta and Vandetta, a.k.a Vanessa Fernandez. That’s why the way the principle of its cosmos – pop music’s narrative foundation stone: “I Love You” – is articulated is different from most other songs with the same aim and thrust. 

For Valentine's Day, Evanturetime has released an extended version of the track, now spanning over seven minutes, featuring new voice memos and bars from Joelle Lee, AngelK, Aeriqah, and Kevin Foo. De Cotta also returns with a brand new verse, while Axel Serik fills the track with lush guitar work throughout. The video for the track, which aptly higlights softness and beauty in the ordinary, was animated by Yan Han

The going is hyper-lush, beat-y, soul-hop, which is the perfect canvas over which eyes-closed, arms-raised truths can unspool. So when the features speak on what love means to them, that sincerity and musical generosity blooms in your consciousness with a spiritual sumptuousness. Crying or smiling to a song like this is one and the same.

The features and their respective time-stamps on the track are as follows:

00:13 – Tim De Cotta & Vandetta
01:30 – Joelle Lee
01:46 – Tim De Cotta
02:38 – AngelK
03:12 – Aeriqah
04:20 – Kevin Foo

Check out 'You' (Valentine's Day Extended Edition) below.