Put your own spin on original Singaporean songs in the newly launched Majulah Challenge

Put your own spin on original Singaporean songs in the newly launched Majulah Challenge

Your favourite hideout at home is the shower, where you can unpack your emotional baggage and sing, "I wouldn't know, I wouldn't know, any better than you..." Your morning routine includes snapping your fingers to SHYE's 'Impatient' while you wait for your toast to be ready. 

If this sounds like you, Majulah Challenge, a project launched by Zendyll Music Agency, will help to stop your creative juices from turning stale. The challenge encourages participants to submit their best cover, remix, or re-imagined versions of original songs by local musicians. Taking place over the next few months, Majulah Challenge will lead up to a two-day live festival Majulah Fest in 2021. More information about Majulah Challenge is now live on Majulah Fest's Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Aspiring musicians will be delighted to know that new challenges will be up every fortnight, with 7 days for them to submit their work. Following the first week of the challenge, a week-long round of public voting via social media likes will begin. The top three tracks will be scored by the artistes themselves, with the winner walking away with a cash prize of $250 for each challenge. Winners may also get a chance to perform at Majulah Fest 2021!

Majulah Fest aims to be a platform to give opportunities to creatives in the music scene whose incomes have been hit by COVID-19. Despite concert dates being postponed, the support from the National Youth Council allowed for Majulah Challenge to continue digitally, said Jon Chua, Founder and Creative Director of Zendyll Music Agency. "This way, we get to keep the music going, find a way to rally everyone together and give everyone a way to participate in the local music culture we all share," he said.

As part of upcoming digital plans to encourage the discovery of new music in Singapore's music scene, Majulah Challenge provides a stepping stone for uncovering new talents while bringing the local music community together. 

"I am heartened by the resilience of our youth and entrepreneurs in not letting the COVID situation upend their ambitions, but taking the initiative to try new ways and make a difference for their communities," said Mr David Chua, Chief Executive of the National Youth Council.

For more details, follow Majulah Fest on Instagram (@majulahfest) and Facebook and let the games begin!