Singapore Music Reviews: Benjamin Kheng, Fariz Jabba ft OmarKENOBI, Shelby Wang ft Acid, HE1st, KEAT ft Y ARA, and Jily.

Singapore Music Reviews: Benjamin Kheng, Fariz Jabba ft OmarKENOBI, Shelby Wang ft Acid, HE1st, KEAT ft Y ARA, and Jily.

Last week, we celebrated the latest songs from the canon of Made In Singapore music to reach the ether. Now, we dig deeper into our national anthems with a critical eye. Read our review of the latest songs by Benjamin Kheng, Fariz Jabba ft OmarKENOBI, Shelby Wang ft Acid, HE1st, KEAT ft Y ARA, and Jily. 

Benjamin Kheng - 'Lovers Forever' 

Can love last a lifetime? 'Lovers Forever' makes us want to believe that it does, and it will, no matter what. Kheng's latest heartfelt offering is a resplendent mosaic of sounds that unfurls with the dip and swell of Kheng's guttural vocals. It's an affecting testament to love and its blistering capacity for allowing us to imagine a future we might never have thought possible. "Can't die young / cause I've got to live with you", he sings, and it's in those words that we find the elusive pinnacle of love. 

Fariz Jabba, OmarKENOBI - 'Kalah'

This writer unfortunately doesn't understand Malay, but comprehension isn't necessary to enjoy Fariz Jabba and OmarKENOBI's 'Kalah'. This latest power anthem is one of those perfect dance fodder that just compels you to get up and move, complete with fluid and iconic lyrics like "No LV's on, No Presley / None of y'all can oppress me / Got sauce since I was in primary / school your boys in the canteen" that emblazons their attitude. 

Shelby Wang, Acid - '尋覓連接'

'尋覓連接' is the epitome of dreamy, with its heady fuse of old-school and modern sonic elements. Shelby Wang and Acid are a perfect match on this track, deftly complementing each other with seamless flair to craft a soundscape that's so incredibly easy to fall into without even knowing it. It's a carefree, sunny song that can only be pulled off with such ease by the two of them—anyone else would find this deceptively easy tune difficult to pin down. 

HE1ST - 'Shape of Your Love' 

There's not a single dull moment in electro-pop R&B act HE1ST's debut offering, 'Shape of Your Love'. Lay Yi leads the scintillating plethora of sounds, but neither overwhelms or allows her vocals to be drowned out by the bass synths as the song unfurls into a youthful, exuberant exposition. It's a soundscape that stands out for its unbridled nature, untethered to any genre or musical constrictions, and it's a debut single worth celebrating. 

KEAT, Y ARA - 'Bacon' 

'Bacon' is certainly an unorthodox title for a song, but it works in KEAT's favour. One might be directed to the track by pure curiosity, but the song itself is so genuinely fun that it makes you want to stay and listen on. There are undeniable tendrils of Lauv's musical influence on the track, from the dissonant pop sounds to the touch of vulnerability in the lyrics. It's a vibrant sonic palette that manages to avoid the pitfalls of repetition, and makes for a compelling offering.

Jily - 'Not Available' 

Newcomer Jily candidly unravels the excruciating experience of someone nursing unrequited feelings in her debut single, 'Not Available'. It's an unsaid confession laced with the kind of weary conviction that belongs to those painfully self-aware of the foregone conclusion, and finally accepts the undeniable. Jily's honeyed voice belies a nifty blend of forced indifference and desperation, but she still musters enough to rouses the song into something a little more optimistic with the reminder: "Life's too short to love someone who doesn't love you."