Singapore Music Reviews: The Pinholes, Rriley, Micki Jayy, Lutfil Latiff, Jean Seizure and BOYINSPACE

Singapore Music Reviews: The Pinholes, Rriley, Micki Jayy, Lutfil Latiff, Jean Seizure and BOYINSPACE

Last week, we celebrated the latest songs from the canon of Made In Singapore music to reach the ether. Now, we dig deeper into our national anthems with a critical eye. Read our reviews of the latest songs by The Pinholes, Rriley, Micki Jayy, Lutfil Latiff, Jean Seizure and BOYINSPACE.

Micki Jayy – ‘Hands on Me’

Released in time for Valentine’s Day, Micki Jayy’s ‘Hands on Me’ is a smooth, sensual offering from the local trap crooner. ‘Hands on Me’ is simple, and minimalistic by trap standards, with a straightforward hi-hat and snare combination that are accented by light synths and thumping bass kicks. Micki’s performance on the track is smooth and catchy; her vocals get stuck in your head for days, and if that’s not a clear sign of effective artistry, I don’t know what is.

Lutfil Latiff – ‘To the Girl I’ve Loved Before’

A hybrid of trap and R&B, Lutfil Latiff’s latest offering, ‘To the Girl I’ve Loved Before’, is for all intents and purposes, a Valentine’s Day bop. A retrospective emotional banger, the track takes a look at Lutfil’s past actions and the way he treated a past love. Musically, the track, which clocks in at just under 4 minutes, is led by soft piano keys, synths, and trap snares. Lutfil’s boyish charm shine as his smooth voice kick in, and leaves you wanting more.

The Pinholes – ‘Bring Back the Vibe’

The Pinholes have finally returned with a new retro-flavoured tune, aptly titled ‘Bring Back The Vibe’. The Pinholes have long been considered to be the Singaporean masters of producing age-old-inspired tracks that would fit in effortlessly with classics from The Beatles, ABBA and more. ‘Bring Back The Vibe’ is affirmation of that. It’s a catchy, fun and infections song that takes you back to the good old days when things were easier, and The Pinholes have once again nailed this on all fronts.

RRILEY - ‘Love Me Like A’

RRILEY’s latest track is a timely release for Valentine’s Day—an exuberant meditation on love, the scintillating beats see a kinetic collision with RRILEY’s limpid, husky timbre, culminating in an upbeat love song that is sure to get you moving. “Though I’m independent (...) I still need a bit of your attention”, she sings in celebration of self-worth while making it clear that the lack of affection is a no-go. She rides out the rhythm with sure-footed fluidity, making for an effortless listen that rejuvenates your heart.

Jean Seizure - ‘I Know’

‘I Know’ is an incredibly personal and intimate monologue that speaks of the desperate desire to shield your beloved from all the pains of the world, but the melancholy from the knowledge that this is an impossible feat melts into Goh’s emotive expression—as terrifying as it may be to accept, she knows that the force of our love isn’t all-powerful; nor is it an indestructible guard against the unpredictable vagaries of the world, but amidst this sadness is also a promise that will outlast anything else. It is a promise to be there, to stay, and to brave the dragons and storms and demons together.


BOYINSPACE blazes a measured trail through his newest bass-heavy single. His rapid delivery coupled with the lack of inflection gives rise to a visceral resonance impossible to ignore, despite how casual and indifferent the bars he spits may sound. While we don’t see a marked deviation from his earlier works, ‘906’ is still strong as a standalone.