Singapore music reviews: MYRNE, LEW, Linying, Foxela, Edson Charntor, LATRO, Junyang and Viticz

Singapore music reviews: MYRNE, LEW, Linying, Foxela, Edson Charntor, LATRO, Junyang and Viticz

Last week, we celebrated the latest songs from the canon of Made In Singapore music to reach the ether. Now, we dig deeper into our national anthems with a critical eye. Read our review of the latest songs by LEW, Linying, MYRNE, Foxela, LATRO, Viticz, Edson Charntor, and Junyang.

LEW (ft. Joie Tan) – ‘Red Flags’

The thought of being in love with someone that you know isn’t good for you leans on the more painful side of life. LEW’s duet with Joie Tan tells the tale of a pair of star-crossed lovers in a toxic relationship – like fire and water, they can’t maintain love without hurting the other. Two completely different people from two completely different worlds collide and the fallout makes the relationship a bittersweet one to sustain, but yet they still do – in the mighty name of love.

‘Red Flags’ explores the internal struggles of such toxic relationships; it explains the reason behind maintaining what most would call a pointless union. The chorus makes a poignant point: No matter how much the other party (or the relationship) has broken you, you refuse to do the same – “cause [you] can’t bare / To hurt [them] like [they] do”.

Linying – ‘Self Control’

This cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Self Control’ by Singaporean siren Linying brings listeners on an ethereal journey into an astral realm. She makes the song hers by stripping it down to it’s bare necessities. A clean-toned guitar accompany Linying’s sweet voice – her vocal mix transitions smoothly between a strong chest voice and a light yet balanced falsetto.

This simple set up is one that requires nothing more, and that is the difference between this version and the original, where vocal filters and MIDI elements are employed. Not only does she pay her respects to the original by mostly keeping to the original sound, she contributes to the vulnerability of the song by adding an element of simplicity to it.

Edson Charntor – ‘Don’t Try’

From his debut EP, Youth Function, ‘Don’t Try’ sees Edson Charntor deviating from his usual electro-heavy sound. An atmospheric mix of R&B, trap and electronic elements, one can identify different musical styles at different points in the song. In that sense, Edson flexes his versatility and shows the world that he does not necessarily have to duplicate ‘Freedom’ to recreate the same magic.

A low hum and deep, rumbling bass at the beginning of ‘Don’t Try’ introduces listeners to the general feel of the track – Atmospheric, contemplative, and perhaps even a little bit spacey. “Don’t try to intercept / The way that you forget” taunts Edson, his sharp vocals cut through the deep instrumentals, placing his voice in the foreground of this astral auditorial adventure. ‘Don’t Try’ is a departure from Edson’s party anthems, one in which he displays an understanding of using sound to create an unforgettable experience.

LATRO – ‘Mollywood’

Fresh off his previous release, ‘Trapazine’, LATRO returns with another trap banger, ’Mollywood’. Jerking synth melodies at the beginning eases listeners into what is going to be a trippy journey into LATRO’s psyche. “I remember all the days / When I had no face / Had no fuckin’ lifestyle / All I did was wait”, explains LATRO, giving listeners a glimpse into his past life. Throughout the song, he also explores his psychedelic experiences and his love of partying.

Following in the footsteps of his usual style, the production value of this track is where the beauty lies – clear, solid bass and clapping snares frame LATRO’s signature digitally-enhanced vocals. The same synth melody from the start plays throughout the track, creating a dizzying, almost chaotic, dive into the party- and psychedelic-driven world that ‘Mollywood’ brings into the picture. This is a song that does well in the setting of the club as the drinks are flowing and the crowd is popping.

Junyang (ft. KIMI, Sarah Ann) – ‘Don’t Really Mind’

“We can talk all through the night / I don’t really mind”

Behind that simple sentence, so much is conveyed – concern, respect, and love. It is something that’s commonly said between a pair of young lovers still very much in the honeymoon phase of a blossoming relationship. This track is one that frames that phase in its entirety, sonically and lyrically.

A slow pop song with electronic elements, ‘Don’t Really Mind’ is a song that brings listeners on a cruise down an empty highway under a sky full of stars. Synthesisers and keys brings a floaty and airy feel to the song, giving the duet a cohesively romantic feel. Having said that, the song stands out with its relatively simple production; nothing was added that was not needed. Each element of the song comes together like different colours in a painting, contributing to the resulting masterpiece.

MYRNE (ft. Karra) – ‘Worlds Away’

Looking at Myrne’s accolades and resumé, which includes being signed to Mad Decent, making official remixes for Martin Garrix and more, its not hard to believe that he has accomplished all he’s set out to do. He is, after all, one of the best producers in the country. So, it should come as no surprise that the hometown electronic dance music hero new track ‘Worlds Away’ sounds as massive as it does. The track features gloriously sung vocals from Karra, whose sultry vocals further encapsulate the gargantuan feel of the track.

Viticz (ft. ANKO) – ‘Ghost In Me’

Viticz’s journey in music is coming full-circle. At the age of eight, he got introduced to the world of electronic dance music through video game soundtracks. Through that world, he was also introduced to the world of Japanese culture, the likes of anime and such. In the decade that has passed since his introduction to dance music, Viticz has turned his love for the genre into a career. Through his understanding of the genre, Viticz has created a track that not only fits into the realm of his initial influences, but also pays tribute to the likes of Porter Robinson. It’s an incredible tract that features a great flow, impeccable production and ticks every electronic music lovers’ boxes.

Foxela (ft. hekko, Yukieno) – ‘My Eyes’

Singaporean EDM wunderkind Foxela returns with yet another hit on his hands. With ‘My Eyes’, Foxela turns in a chill, yet fun track that meshes the genres of tropical house, French touch, and electronic. For someone else young as Foxela, it’s incredible to see the quality of music being produced here, with the sounds he’s experimenting with dating all the way back to before he was even born. The end result is a track that not only gets listeners grooving and bopping their heads along to the beat, but also leaves them wanting more. The future is bright for Foxela.