What Sonia Chew is listening to right now, from Rihanna to Sezairi

What Sonia Chew is listening to right now, from Rihanna to Sezairi

Sonia Chew is a lover of all things edgy and fun, and that also applies to the music she consumes. The 987FM presenter and co-owner of Izy Fook favours direct, no-nonsense fare – from the formidable musician-entrepreneur Rihanna to the iconic Singaporean rapper ShiGGa Shay, Sonia's playlists are tasteful concoctions of confidence and badassery. 

Besides the hard-hitting tracks, Sonia also appreciates the chill side of life – soulful R&B jams, such as those of Sezairi and Ella Mai, provide the radio presenter with her daily dose of good vibes. 

Below, she talks us through her music preferences and curates a 10-song playlist of her current local and international favourites.

What's one album you still listen to from start to finish and why?

Rihanna's ANTI album that she released back in 2016. Her sound has always been very progressive and unique – and this particular album felt like a personal journey! She has badass bops and heartfelt tunes that reeked of heartbreak and emotion.

How important is it to you to have music playing as you go about your day outside of work?

Super important! Especially when I drive. I have a playlist called "Guilty Pleasures" that contain mostly '90s hip-hop and R&B tracks.

What's one song that's never gotten old for you? Please explain.

'Maps' by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This, and many of their tracks saw me through an interesting time of my life. When I listen to it now, 10 years after its release, I still feel the same emotions course through my veins. Simple, powerful lyrics, and a sick beat. It gives me the chills.

What's one local song you really love? Please explain.

Sezairi's 'In Secret'. Need I say more about his incredible falsetto? It speaks of pure, uninhibited love that we all deserve to experience at least once in our lives.

Who's one artist from whom you always look out for new music? Please explain.

I'm secretly hoping that The xx will somehow release new music (seems highly unlikely), but for now, it's Kendrick Lamar that I'm waiting on those fresh tracks from.

What's one song you've listened to recently that the world should know about? Please explain.

It isn't exactly a new song, but I've been hooked on 'LOVE AGAIN' by Daniel Caesar and Brandy. It puts me in a chill, happy place.

What is your current playlist of top 10 songs, including 3 local tracks?