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Alternate Universe


Release Date:2021-05-01
Label:Decibel Group SG

Alternate Universe is about comparing oneself to the perfect version of an alternate self existing in another parallel universe. It is a state of perfection we strive for but can never realistically attain. No matter what we do, the ideal self is always superior to our true selves, and if we get consumed by what we will never be instead of what we can do now, we will always be living in the shadows of an illusion. I hope that Alternate Universe will bring comfort and strength to those going through difficult times, encourage listeners to accept themselves for who they are, and make peace with whatever situation they may be facing. I initially wrote the lyrics in 2018 while going through a dark time when it felt impossible to find a way out. Along the way, I improved the composition, vocals, production and added a new violin/electronica solo. Alternate Universe was meant to be released in Feb 2021, but due to many continuous and relentless challenges the past year, work on the song had to be delayed. After facing months of setbacks of all sorts while trying to give my best everyday, I experienced a miracle in Feb 2021. When I least expected it, I found an answer to a problem I’ve faced for 12 years. While the road ahead is still long and holds many obstacles, I hope I will never give up, and I hope you will keep going too. I made a spontaneous decision to add the violin solo in mid-Feb. It was meant to be just an electronic synth solo at first. I’ve finally finished the song from start to end including producing, recording, mixing and mastering it myself. Without the support of others, I would not be here now. Although there is still lots of room for improvement, I listened to my initial demos and realised I have come a long way self-learning production from scratch. I will keep working hard to give my best and repay those who have helped me. I’m very thankful to my agency Decibel Group SG for sending me for some vocal lessons where I learnt useful techniques and improved my singing, and their sincere efforts in supporting my music. The past year has been difficult and I would not have made it without the support of family, friends and strangers. I would like to acknowledge my manager William Choi who has worked very hard to let the world hear my music, and Eldad Reuben and Kenneth Lee from Decibel for being our pillars of support. Special thanks to Dr Li Feng, Alwyn, Yinxue, Suhui, Khooper, Xavier, Abi, Nivi, Leonard, DJ Yang2 for his feedback on the mix, and all who have helped me in various ways or provided a listening ear when I was stuck in tough situations. I am grateful to those who have stood by my side, fans who stayed even when I couldn't make music for a period of time, and you for accompanying me on this journey. I hope you enjoy Alternate Universe and look forward to more music to come. Sincerely, M DRAKO



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