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Memory from a Star


Release Date:2020-11-20
Label:Decibel Group SG

Memory from a Star is a unique blend of violins, EDM, and heartfelt lyrics. Drako began self-learning music production through Youtube tutorials, beginning with free Reaper software and later moving on to FL Studio software. After experimenting, she has finally produced the sound she has been seeking for many years- heartfelt lyrics and soulful violins accompanied with the EDM punch, but following the song structure of a “normal” pop song without the repetitiveness of usual EDM. Memory from a Star is written from the perspective of a lonely star in the sky. Over billions of years, the star receives countless wishes from humans. It holds on to their wishes and does its best to make their dreams come true. As the star watches over the human world from far above, it wishes to experience love and friendship too. But in the vast universe, all the other stars are infinitely far apart. Humans make wishes upon the brightest stars without realising that the most beautiful stars are lonely and dying. As the star burns brightly, though it feels deep sadness within, it hopes to bring joy to everyone who sees its light in the moment. Memory from a Star is a song Drako holds particularly close to heart. The song is also a reminder that no matter how perfect someone may seem, we never know what they are going through inside- even the brightest stars feel loneliness and sadness too. The lyrics acknowledge the inevitable passing of time with a bittersweet nostalgia while, with an element of hope, reminding us to treasure the moments and live fully in the now. It is Drako’s hope that Memory from a Star will inspire listeners to embrace the present and also bring comfort to those who feel lonely or are facing difficulties in life.



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