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Back In Time

Imp Act

Release Date:2021-05-07

This new album consists of 2 live songs and 2 new studio releases. The new studio releases showcase a different side of our usual straight-up rock music style. It presents a different side of our approach towards instrumental music. The song titled 'Not Here' evokes the exploration of belongingness through space and time. It leads you to grasp the levels of existence. It is a journey of self-revelation to understand the core of being without an identity. And the song titled 'Back In Time' represents the exploration of our being. The music will hopefully transport your mind back into the past and forward into the future while you live in the present.



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If you think you've heard all that Imp Act has to offer, their new musical offering exceeds expectations yet again. I can't help feeling immersed just by listening to the first track "Not Here", which I would describe it to be a treat for the ears to behold. As the intro track comes to its conclusion, "Back In Time" comes in with a rhythmically atmospheric intro that sets the mood of the tune. As the insane riffs slowly start to enter, it gives off a vibe that's unlike anything Imp Act has ever done. There are hints of Linkin Park as well as Dream Theater yet none of those bands define the sound of Imp Act. With live versions including a previously released track, Imp Act's EP is only constantly raising the bar for what's musically possible. Am already looking forward to the next release.