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The Island of Alsocanla

Imp Act

Release Date:2020-11-28

Alsocanla is an island where members of Imp Act suspend themselves mentally from this world to create music. They hope that their music will be able to help you disconnect from this world briefly and join them on the island to dream about all the positive things that will be coming in 2021 and beyond.



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A refreshing departure from their previous release 'Another Life', Imp Act's new track 'The Island of Alsocanla' dives straight into heavy lush guitars and snappy drums that cuts right through the mix to attain your immediate attention. You know you're in for a journey. The treatment of tones, textures, and movement across the prog rock track puts the listener on a standstill, awaiting for new harmonies to surface. The emergence of the piano line calms you down and suddenly you're transported into the dawn of day, before scurrying back into the hustle again. Without any pronounced melody line, the listener is almost required to imagine a protagonist within the track. I imagined someone doing parkour, or being on a convertible car ride through mountains #alsocanla.

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Unique in its own right, Imp Act's latest release embodies what it means to not stick to the status quo. A wide array of emotional contours makes the song all the more interesting amidst all the riff-tastic goodness present in the song. Deserving of the praise indeed & a one up on their previous release for sure.