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Be My Love

Reggie Pryor, Mei Sheum

Release Date:2023-09-15
Label:d'Andalan Records

This song is a part of a series of 3 songs that Reggie collaborated on with one of Singapore’s finest jazz pianists, Mei Sheum -- beautiful songs which are for whatever reasons rarely covered by other vocalists; hence the title of "The Rare Collection". Reggie was inspired to do this cover of Sammy Cahn & Nicholas Brodszky’s “Be My Love” (first recorded by Mario Lanza, a hugely talented tenor and actor, who was Elvis Presley’s favourite singer) after hearing Keith Jarrett’s sentimental take on of this song, especially as this song is not well-covered with vocals. With just piano and vocal and recorded in the traditional way of one-take without punch-in/out, Reggie wanted to create an unassuming and unpretentious atmosphere, to deliver the main theme of the song – an earnest message of love. The song then builds up with a masterclass of piano solo as interlude, and picks up energy towards the end with more emotion and gusto in delivery, to showcase the passion and desire to be with his soulmate.



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