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Reggie Pryor, Mei Sheum

Release Date:2023-11-17
Label:d'Andalan Records

This is the last of a series of 3 songs that Reggie Pryor collaborated on with one of Singapore’s finest jazz pianists, Mei Sheum -- beautiful songs which are for whatever reasons rarely covered by other vocalists; hence the title of "The Rare Collection"! To his surprise, there are really not many proper recent covers of "People", originally by the incomparable Barbra Streisand for the musical "Funny Girl", even fewer by a male singer. So, the duo embarked on a challenge to record this song, with just piano and vocal. The song started soft & tender, quickly set into a chill swing vibe to inject freshness into this well-known standard, before finally built up into a rapturous ballad ending. This song at its core is about the fundamental need of empathy & human connections with one another, something that the world really needs now, and the duo hope this cover hits the message home to all the listeners.



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