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bored at home

Poh Chin

Release Date:2020-05-15

"bored at home”, is a body of work created after DORSCON Orange was announced and when Circuit Breaker was in effect. It ventures more into more unconventional music styles and shows Poh Chin at his wildest musically. It features the singles "Mine" and "Run Away", as well as a new track "Losing My Mind" and all of the songs' instrumentals. "Losing My Mind" is a song about being stuck at home during this period of time, having great plans being ruined and having to face a harder reality when life resumes outside of the house when circuit breaker ends. Being stuck at home has driven him to produce songs that were more experimental as a way to inject more fun into the craft, and he hopes this will bring joy to listeners too.



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Kian Hui

Poh Chin's newest track from "bored at home", "Losing My Mind", has been the most daring and unconventional music style released so far, and demonstrates Poh Chin's musically wild side very well. The whimsical instrumental sound provides a huge contrast to the soothing melody line sung. This clearly depicts the dichotomies between Poh Chin's desires to materialise his plans, and being physically and creatively restricted by the circuit breaker measures. The repetitive whispers of "losing my mind" create this echoing and never-ending effect of one's thoughts being filled with the above-mentioned, which is extremely relatable in such a period as most of us Singaporeans are largely confined to our homes, wishing for this period to be over. The other two songs, Mine and Run Away, provide distinct styles and sounds as well. While these musics might not suit everyone's tastes, Poh Chin has managed to produce diverse sounds through this period, delivering very different flavours in the different musics he has made.