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Burmese Bombshells

Release Date:2020-05-15
Label:Staff Only Records

Rock and Roll baby!



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Jun Young Lee

Behind the cheerful “The Beach Boys” rock-and-roll vibe, Makizushi’s lyrics tell a story with a tinge of bitterness, reminiscent of an ex-lover. Burmese Bombshells explore a new style in this new release (away from their usual chill, dreamy indie-pop that you might hear in a cafe), but you will feel yourself bobbing your head to the beat of Makizushi as if rock-and-roll was their homeground. The unique colour of their main vocal sits gently on top of the driving beats makes you feel like you should be on a road trip right now instead of reading this review at home observing your circuit breaker. A lovely work overall, and I can’t wait for their next project.