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Release Date:2021-03-12
Label:Where are the Fruits

Highly inspired by Joe Goldberg’s psychopathic tendencies in the Netflix thriller series “You”, buttercup seeks to explore the lengths a person can go for an obsession and is written from the perspective of an obsessed stalker. The song’s lyrics progress with intensity–from the simple act of people-watching to the eventual kidnapping–there is nothing short of creepy and exciting. The question is then, of all flowers, why the buttercup? Traditionally known as a weed, the buttercup is a beautiful, yet toxic yellow flower that symbolises joy and playfulness. In this case, what started out as plain curiosity quickly turns into an obsession as the victim “weeds” into the stalker’s mind and “poisons” them (ironically). The victim sparks joy in the stalker, and the stalker plays with the unwitting victim through planned run-ins and masked friendliness. Different sound effects were added as the music progresses (try to pick them out!). Don’t be too freaked out by the sounds... actually if you felt creeped out, buttercup would have fulfilled its purpose—not to scare you obviously—of narrating a thrilling stalker fiasco and relaying a message: Be careful and watch your backs >:-)



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