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Cross Your Ts

The Colour Fool

Release Date:2022-10-28
Label:Ulam Records

A heartfelt ballad with poignant lyrics, “Cross Your Ts” is based on The Colour Fool’s lived experiences with mental health. The song speaks about the importance of community when it comes to mental wellness. “Cross Your Ts” is an acoustic number containing a string quartet, perfect for listening on the way home, or as background dinner music. This single will be part of an album centered around healing, mental health and relationships. The track has been performed at Beyond the Label Festival 2022, Gardens by the Bay, and is co-produced by Leonard Soosay (Snakeweed Studios).



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Benjamin Poh

“Cross Your Ts” is a wonderful song penned by lyrical genius The Colour Fool, and an awesomely orchestrated and composed song which tugs on heartstrings. The psychedelic string section parts evokes melancholic emotions in the listener, and is sure-fire to make tears well in some of its listeners’ eyes. The song revolves around mental health issues. “Cross Your Ts” is a lyrical and musical masterpiece of a mental health anthem of our generation that is bold and dares to speak up on the prevalence of mental health issues in this day and age. Last but not in the least, this Music Video suits the song excellently and utilises flashback sequences to evoke sympathy in viewers, a plus point. Solid stuff. I’m sold. Congratulations on the successful streams and well done The Colour Fool! 🎉👏🔥🔥🔥