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The Colour Fool

Release Date:2021-10-22
Label:Colour Fool Entertainment

"Yet" is an emotional song about longing and remembrance. It is my debut single-- written, performed and produced by myself. I'm a multi-instrumentalist and medical doctor. The song is part of a full-length album based around healing, mental health and relationships. I draw from my own experiences with depression/anxiety, and I believe in the power of music/ medicine to touch and heal. The song was mixed and mastered by evanturetime/Evan Low. Linktree: Instagram @_thecolourfool



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Matthew Lee

The soaring vocals, ethereal instrumentation and heartfelt lyrics make this song an instant hit. Love it!!

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Janelle Tan

This track is mellow but the yearning behind the song is so palpable! Brilliant release, on repeat in my playlist.

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Shanice Ho

I'm amazed that The Colour Fool is both a medical doctor and musician. This song is so under-rated! Please give it more publicity!! <3

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An emotional rock ballad that begins with strumming of acoustic guitar and Dr. Sean Ng’s soulful and ethereal vocals, “Yet” is sure to captivate the heartstrings of many. Dr. Sean Ng expresses his deep longing for his presumably love that has gone away from his life. The song starts off with “From here to Mars/ I’ll count the stars/ Add ‘em up and keep it in a jar” lyrics which highlights Dr. Sean’s sincerity in winning over the love of his life. The second verse takes a somber turn at “From coast to coast/ I see your ghost/ Calling out to me, I know it shows” which strikes a resonant chord with listeners who have lost a loved one in life either literally or metaphorically. The second verse introduces drums which gives an upbeat feel to the ballad. The buildup of drums culminates into a very enjoyable auditory climax with electric guitars reminiscent of Ed Sheeran and Stereophonics.