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Dear - The Single

Loprov, MC Sonorus

Release Date:2022-06-18

One evening, MC Sonorus and I were hanging out at my old studio some years ago. Over dinner, we were discussing challenging oursel- nah just kidding, we wanted to make a high-energy hype track so he had a valid reason to scream in the vocal booth all he wants. That's really it LOL. The title came from the moment when I stammered on the word 'Dear' when it was meant to be 'Dear You'. Because of the unfortunate mistake I made, the fat balding egg threatened me to register this as the release title, or he will fart all over the studio microphone. I didn't want to find out if he was joking. With an unorthodox combination formed through infusing elements from various genres, subtle touches of melody, and blessed with vocals from one of Singapore's most prolific personalities louder than my father - we created 'Dear', a high-octane hybrid genre dance track.



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