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Fool’s Decade

Release Date:2023-11-11
Label:Fool's Decade

It can take a long time for something beautiful and meaningful to Bloom. 23 years, to be exact. This is the debut album of Singapore-based indie rock band Fool’s Decade, a collection of songs written by lead singer Lynette Ooi in the two decades between the band’s first foray as teenagers and eventual reunification. The seven songs take the listener on a journey of love and longing, joy and hope, change and transformation. The tracks shine through with thoughtful arrangements, riveting guitar solos, and the measured hand of veteran producer Daniel Chai, who has worked with Kit Chan and Stefanie Sun. 90’s music lovers will hear hints of Radiohead, Paramore, Third Eye Blind, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. An ode to the band’s signature sound developed over many years of chemistry and friendship, Bloom is a walk down memory lane listeners won’t regret.



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