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Your Smile

Fool's Decade

Release Date:2022-05-13

By Lynette Ooi, Benjamin Oh, Stephen Cheong, Jeremy Poh, Daniel Chai, Jean Foo Why do we make music? There are a million reasons. Sometimes we create tunes to make us laugh, celebrate, bring hope. Other times, music is a friend that envelopes us, keeping us from crashing in our darkest moments. This latest single from the band is a deeply personal track written when lead singer Lyn lost her brother (and closest friend) more than 10 years ago. It’s for anyone who knows what it means to lose someone, or something, and yearn with all your heart to have it back, even for a moment. We are proud of how the track turned out in producer Daniel Chai’s home studio. In addition to the band’s signature sounds, we have mandolin by Daniel himself and cello by Jean Foo layering on to make this our richest, and most moving, arrangement yet.



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