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Forever Yours

Losca, Starry Sol

Release Date:2021-03-05

'Forever Yours' is a deceptively chillwave sounding song, starting with a chill, slow guitar and relaxed vocals. However, upon closer inspection of the lyrics, you start to realize how morbid the song actually is. 'Forever Yours' is sung from the perspective of wanting to be together with someone once again after a breakup. However, unlike traditional love songs of this nature, these lyrics go to the extent of committing suicide, because the singer feels that there's no meaning to living without that someone. I (Losca) wrote these lyrics drawing from my own experiences, and I myself was struggling with all these things, and writing this song helped me to realize and capture these feelings and actually helped me get through that period. This song also features a brand new artist, 'Starry Sol', and this is his first release!



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