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Cronkite Satellite

Release Date:2021-09-09
Label:Cronkite Satellite

Description of song: Like most of Cronkite Satellite’s songs, i4i hits upon multiple topics, however the most dominant issue i4i touches upon is humanities over reliance on electronic devices that tell us what to think, what to listen to, what to watch, what to buy, where to go, who to date and who to hate. We pay little attention to those working behind the scenes, pushing our thought process along the path they feel best benefits their own self-interests, like a well levied river. Style and influences: Cronkite Satellite changes the sound and style of every song he releases. Call it self-sabotage of a music career or call it an artist attempting to perfect his craft. Regardless, i4i has an electro hip-hop twist with a major focus on kick drums and sub synth bass while leaving room for a piano to shine through. The lyrics are a barrage of quick-witted turbo fire that are bound to bring the audience back for another couple of listens. This song does not have any explicit lyrics.



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