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Priceless Crisis

Cronkite Satellite

Release Date:2022-03-22
Label:Cronkite Satellite

Description of song: Priceless Crisis is a song about how the advancement of human evolution has been derailed due to our obsession with money. The worship of money is causing human evolution to go backwards, devolving us into our prior animal selves. Now we only seek comfort in objects that own us, rather than in our accomplishments and willingness to selflessly help the ones in need. Rarely do humans share something that could benefit the world without first asking “what is in it for me.” This obsession with money is also causing mass pollution by creating material objects that people have no real use for while needlessly exploiting global resources and fellow humans in the process. Profits over people has become a standard practice around our planet rather than focusing on the wellbeing of every man, woman and child. Sadly, we are now addicted to this false profit and only a paradigm shift will cause humanity to wake up to our invisible overlord. Imagine how many people could be fed, healed and sheltered instead of spending that money on weapons of death and mass manipulation. Style and influences: Like all of Cronkite Satellite’s music, each song tries to capture a different sound and feeling. Priceless Crisis is no exception. With a gritty, heart pumping industrial backbone and rapid fire vocals that are both well-crafted and insightful, this song is sure to bring the audience back for multiple listens. Cronkite Satellite is a one man band with a full band sound. He’s a well-rounded, independent artist whose preferred medium is sound. Cronkite Satellite is not only an international live looping musician but he’s also a multi-instrumentalist, producer, sound engineer, filmmaker, visual artists, poet, graphic designer, educator and father. Long story short, Cronkite Satellite is a world traveller who spreads the power of music around the planet. He firmly believes that music is the language of the universe and hopes that one day, music will unite us all.



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